Odbori mogu organizirati saslušanja sa stručnjacima kada se smatra da bi ona bila iznimno važna za njihov rad na određenom predmetu. Saslušanja zajedno mogu održati dva ili više odbora. Većina odbora redovito organizira saslušanja jer im ona omogućuju da čuju mišljenja stručnjaka te da održavaju rasprave o ključnim pitanjima. Ova internetska stranica sadrži sve dostupne informacije o saslušanjima koja održavaju odbori te programe i izlaganja govornika.

Field of wheat

Economic comparison of the performance, viability and competitiveness of the EU agriculture (for main commodities) with the main competitors outside the EU


The Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development organised a public hearing “Women in the countryside - an academic and a farmer’s perspective”. The Hearing took place in the framework of the Gender Equality Week 2021, on initiative of the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality.

Several pictures: cows in a field in front of farm sheds, a hessian bag with euro logo on it next to a tractor, EU flag, cows in a field, a huge hangar for intensive farming with tanks and wind turbines in the background.

The Committee held a public hearing on 'Animal welfare: support, enablers and incentives to reinforce EU leadership and guarantee economic sustainability for farmers' to comprehensively assess the implementation of the related policies.

3 pictures assembled together. Main one with a father and son with their backs looking at sheep in the distance. The 2nd one with a female farmer holding a computer tablet sitting among hens. The 3rd one with a cow (only the head) eating grass from a n an outstretched hand.

The Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development organised a public hearing on the perspectives of animal production in the EU in the context of the Green Deal, Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategies. Members of the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety also participated in the meeting.

symbol of Euro with a farm field in the background

On 16 June 2021, the PETI and AGRI Committees organised a joint hearing on How to treat farmers in a fair and equal manner across the EU. The hearing began presenting two petitions from Lithuania and Poland complaining about the fact that farmers still receive direct payments per hectare below the EU average. It was structured in two panels; the first panel discussed the currently on-going CAP reform; the second panel dealt with how to solve inequality in CAP payments.

AI, Agriculture and Food Security

On Monday 14 June 2021, AIDA in association with the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRI) will organise a joint hearing on the future of agriculture and food security in the digital age. The hearing addresses the important topic of the impact of technological applications on agriculture and farming practices, and the challenges of regulating AI for a more sustainable and innovative Common Agricultural Policy.

Transparent smartphone surrounded by logos such as a tractor, water drops, wheat, drone, with a green cultivated field in the background

The Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, with the participation of ENVI and JURI, organised a public hearing on Enabling innovation for sustainable agriculture. Academics, civil society and practitioners from the European Innovation Partnership EIP-AGRI discussed with Members and the European Commission about different aspects of innovation both in animal and plant production.

Farm to fork strategy

The ENVI and AGRI Committees are co-organising a public hearing on 4 February from 09.00 to 12.00, about the Farm to Fork Strategy.

A patchwork of pictures representing a beekeeper, a swallow over a field, a harvester, forest and fields, a farmer in front of his cows, pigs

The Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development held a Public Hearing on the "Conservation of agricultural biodiversity" in remote. The hearing was intended to assess and discuss the impact on the agricultural sector of the Commission's Communication on the “EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030: Bringing nature back into our lives”.

an egg split into two parts - one part with the EU flag and the other part with the UK flag

The AGRI Committee held a Public Hearing on “EU agriculture after Brexit” with remote participation. The hearing was intended to tackle the impact of Brexit on agricultural trade flows, including the particular situation of Ireland and the protection of geographical indications. Experts representing EU Agriculture and Agri-Food presented their views on the above-mentioned issues, with focus on the most affected sectors/Member States.

Three pictures with a basket of fruits, a plate with vegetables and bottles and glasses of wines in front of a vineyard

The Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development held a Public Hearing on the “Fruits, vegetables and wine market situation – the impact of the ”. The hearing was intended to address the impact on the agricultural market of the measures implemented to tackle the pandemic. Six experts on two separated panels delivered presentations, followed by Q&A sections, concerning the impact of European measures on wine, fruits and vegetables sectors.

Two farmers with their arms in the air and hands clasped in a field of wheat

The public hearing focused on EU support for Innovation in Agriculture: first, within the Common Agriculture Policy and the AGRI-EIP and second, in the EU Framework programme for Research and Innovation (Horizon Europe) and the future Mission “Soil health Food”.