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Any additional press releases can be found in the "Press room" menu of the Committee's webpage.

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A strong European Health Union is needed to improve crisis preparedness and response for current and future health crisis, say public health MEPs in a debate with Commissioner Kyriakides.

Kako bi se uklonile slabosti uočene u koronakrizi i osigurala otpornost zdravstvenih sustava na buduće prijetnje, potreban je ambiciozan zdravstveni program EU-a.

The Environment Committee expresses concern with insufficient progress in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to reduce emissions from the maritime sector internationally.

The Internal Market Committee proposed a series of measures to strengthen consumer protection and enhance product safety and sustainability.

MEPs debated with Commissioner Sinkevičius to what extent the new EU chemicals strategy for sustainability better protect our health and the environment as requested by Parliament.

To fill gaps exposed by COVID-19 and ensure that health systems can face future threats to public health, an ambitious EU health programme is needed, say MEPs.

MEPs call on the Commission to put forward rules to stop EU-driven global deforestation through mandatory due diligence for companies placing products on the EU market.

Environment Committee MEPs quizzed Executive Vice-President Timmermans on the new 2030 Climate Target Plan, demanding early action to reach carbon neutrality.

MEPs debated ways to secure a quick and safe supply of COVID-19 vaccines on Tuesday, with representatives of pharmaceutical companies, research , and civil society.

Addressing the challenges linked to securing access to safe COVID-19 vaccines will be the main topic of an online hearing on 22 September from 09.00-12.00 in the European Parliament.