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Odbori mogu organizirati saslušanja sa stručnjacima kada se smatra da bi ona bila iznimno važna za njihov rad na određenom predmetu. Saslušanja zajedno mogu održati dva ili više odbora. Većina odbora redovito organizira saslušanja jer im ona omogućuju da čuju mišljenja stručnjaka te da održavaju rasprave o ključnim pitanjima. Ova internetska stranica sadrži sve dostupne informacije o saslušanjima koja održavaju odbori te programe i izlaganja govornika.

On Tuesday, 23 March 2021 AIDA is organising a hearing on "AI and Competitiveness". The event will address the following questions: What are the choices for regulatory frameworks to enabling the potential of AI solutions for increasing EU enterprises competitiveness?; How to build a competitive and innovative AI sector?; What are the EU enterprises challenges in entering AI markets, by developing and adopting competitive AI solutions?

On Monday, 1 March and Thursday, 4 March 2021, AIDA will hold a public hearing on the external policy dimension of AI in association with AFET and SEDE. The event will be divided into two panels, with a first panel on “AI diplomacy and governance in a global setting: towards regulatory convergence” and a second panel on "AI, cybersecurity and defence".

On Monday 1 March, the INGE Committee has invited HR/VP Josep BORRELL. Members will question him on the EEAS' strategy to battle foreign interference. They will enquire him on the choices he has made in the past and what strategies will be developed in the future. We are looking forward to this exchange of views, which is a continuation of previous meetings with Commissioners JOUROVA, SCHINAS and BRETON to discuss what the Commission does to protect our democratic processes.

On 1 March the ANIT Committee organises a public hearing on the transport of live animals to third countries. Particular aspects to be considered will be purpose of transport, journey planning, checks at the place of departure and exit points, border inspection posts, possible delays at borders and ports, control posts in third countries, animal welfare in transit and final destination countries and enforcement of Court of Justice judgment in Case C-424/practices.

This joint hearing entitled "How to increase the capacity of COVID-19 vaccine production and improve delivery" will give ENVI and ITRE Members the opportunity to debate ways of removing obstacles to faster commercialisation, manufacturing and distribution of vaccines with CEOs of leading pharmaceutical companies, including AstraZeneca, Moderna, CureVac and Novavax.

On 25 February 2021, the PETI and ENVI Committees will hold a joint public hearing on plastics and waste management in the circular economy. EU Citizens are very concerned with the impact of plastics on the environment and in particular with the end-of-life stage of plastics.

On 25 February INTA will organise a hearing on the EU-Mercosur trade agreement. The EU and Latin America have strong historical and cultural links. The EU-Mercosur agreement can further reinforce the economic, trade and political relations between both continents as it is not only a free trade agreement but a broad association agreement with a key geostrategic and geopolitical dimension.

On 25 February ANIT organises a public hearing to tackle the specific characteristics and challenges of implementation of Regulation 01/2005 in relation to long-distance transport of live animals within the European Union. The hearing will provide ANIT members with an overview of the duties and obligations of Member States’ competent authorities and the most commonly reported issues as well as best practices.

On 24 February 2021, FISC Subcommittee will address the tax scam that between 2002 and 2012 took 55 billion euros out of European Tax Authorities coffers known as “Cum-Ex/Cum-Cum”. Members of the FISC Subcommittee will learn from the investigations of Ms Olaya Argueso Perez, Editor in Chief at Correctiv about the mechanisms that were used by actors to request multiple refunds of withholding taxes and the recommendations and lessons to be learned from.

On 24 February 2021, the LIBE and FEMM Committees will organise a joint hearing on "Attacks on abortion rights and breaches of the Rule of Law in Poland"

The INGE Committee focused on this meeting on political party and financing, how can be made more transparent and what rules can the EU implement. The hearing was held in association with the Committee on Constitutional Affairs and the Delegation for the relations with Australia and New Zealand

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