Odbor za industriju, istraživanje i energetiku

Najnovije vijesti

18-05-2022 - 11:51

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the President of the European Parliament has established a number of measures to contain the spread of the virus and to safeguard Parliament's core activities. The current precautionary measures do not affect work on legislative priorities. Core activities are maintained to ensure the smooth running of the institution's legislative, budgetary, and scrutiny functions.

The next ITRE Committee meeting will take place on Thursday 2 June 2022, 9.00 - 12.00, Brussels, Room: József Antall (4Q1).

Glavna događanja

Hahn Johannes
19-05-2022 - 11:04

The Commissioner for Budget and Administration, Johannes Hahn, will present on 2 June the new rules to establish common cybersecurity and information security measures across the EU institutions, bodies, offices and agencies (EUIBAs). The proposal aims to bolster their resilience and response capacities against cyber threats and incidents, on the backdrop of rising malicious cyber activities in the global landscape.

Compass pointing to the word mission
18-05-2022 - 11:44

The ITRE Committee is organising a mission to Lisbon, Portugal, from 23 to 25 May 2022. The delegation, led by ITRE Chair Christian Busoi, will take part in meetings on topics such as energy, industry, research, innovation and ICT.

ACER's logo
18-05-2022 - 11:42

The ACER Director Christian Zinglersen presented to ITRE Committee the Agency’s Final Assessment of the EU Wholesale Electricity Market Design. In the Report ACER finds that whilst the current electricity market design is worth keeping, some improvements will prove key for it to deliver on important challenges and puts forward a set of 13 measures for policy makers to future proof the market design.

model of a house and the sun - concept of solar energy
18-05-2022 - 11:41

The aim of the hearing, which took place during the ITRE Committee meeting on 17 May, was to engage in an open debate with relevant stakeholders on this important topic.

A light bulb out of a box on top of a book - concept of innovation and ideas out of the box
18-05-2022 - 11:41

On 16 May, the ITRE Committee held a public hearing on ' Creative Start-ups and Innovation'. The aim of this meeting was to hear from the invited speakers about the novel innovation in their Start-ups, and also to learn more about the innovation that they have set up in the creative sector.