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ECON committee meetings

22-06-2021 - 08:32
In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the President of the European Parliament has established a number of measures to contain the spread of the virus and to safeguard Parliament's core activities. The current precautionary measures do not affect work on legislative priorities.

Core activities are maintained to ensure the smooth running of the institution's legislative, budgetary, and scrutiny functions. The meetings allow for remote participation in a virtual environment.

Following these decisions, the next ECON-related Committee meeting will take place on Monday 28 June and Thursday 1 July 2021.

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Christine Lagarde, Candidate for the position of ECB President
22-06-2021 - 11:34

On 21 June, 16:15 – 18:15, the ECON Committee had an exchange of views with the ECB President for the second time this year.

Vote symbol
22-06-2021 - 09:25

The results of the votes on the amendments and on the text as amended are available below.

European Semester presentation
22-06-2021 - 09:00

On Monday 28 June 2021, the Committees on Economic and Monetary Affairs and on Employment and Social Affairs will hold the Economic Dialogue on the 2021 European Semester Spring Package with Valdis Dombrovskis, Executive Vice-President for An Economy that Works for People, Paolo Gentiloni, Commissioner for Economy and Nicolas Schmit, Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights.

Photo of Paschal Donohoe, standing in front of a roll-up banner
21-06-2021 - 22:28

On 21 June, 18:15 – 19:15, ECON Members held their second Economic Dialogue and exchange of views with Paschal Donohoe, President of the Eurogroup. The last dialogue took place on 25 January 2021.

Hearings of Paolo Gentiloni
21-06-2021 - 17:39

On Monday 21st June, 14:45-15:45, the Members of the ECON Committee held a structured dialogue with Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni in order to discuss the next coming Commission work programme in the tax area, in particular the proposals on a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, an EU digital levy and the review of the Energy Tax Directive.

15-06-2021 - 11:39

Following a resignation of a Member of the ESGAB appointed by the European Parliament, ECON Members voted on the appointment of the nominee Mr Andreas Georgiou, former president of the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT), in line with Decision 235/2008/EC.

Elisa Ferreira -Portugal -Cohesion and Reforms
14-06-2021 - 16:59

Members from the Committee on Budgets and the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs exchanged views with Commissioner Ferreira on the implementation of the Technical Support Instrument (TSI).

03-06-2021 - 11:19

On 3 June from 9:00 to 10:00, the ECON Committee held an economic dialogue with Constantinos Petrides, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Cyprus. The focus of the exchange of views was on the progress made by Cyprus under the post-programme surveillance.

Image of a corona mask with EU flag model
01-06-2021 - 11:27

The spread of the COVID-19 virus represents a dramatic risk for the health and lives of our citizens but will also lead to unprecedented shocks for the economy and employment in Europe. The COVID-19 outbreak requires rapid responses from Member States and immediate and innovative joint action of the European institutions and Member States to counter another deep and protracted economic crisis in the aftermath of the health pandemic.

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