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wooden letters Employment on the table
15-03-2023 - 15:10

The upcoming meeting of the EMPL Committee will take place from 22-23 March. Several exchanges of views with Commissioners are foreseen. Members will also discuss a draft opinion on "Establishing a Single Market emergency instrument", as well as kick-off the discussion on the matters of the 2024 budget-section III. Last but not least, a hearing will be held to address the working conditions of firefighters.

Hearing with Helena Dalli - Malta - equality
15-03-2023 - 10:21

On 22 March, members on the EMPL committee will exchange views with the Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli, in the framework of the structured dialogue. The main focus of the discussion will be on the implementation of the Disability Rights Strategy 2021 – 2030, with particular attention given to ongoing efforts regarding the Employment package and the Disability Card.

Hearings of Nicolas Schmit -Luxembourg - Jobs
15-03-2023 - 10:21

On 23 March, Commissioner Nicolas Schmit will appear before EMPL in the context of the structured dialogue between Parliament and the Commission. This exchange is expected to provide Members with an update on legislative and other initiatives which were recently presented by the Commission and those still to be put forward in the coming year. Additionally, members will exchange views on social aspects of economic governance with participation of André Sapir (Bruegel, Emeritus Professor, ULB).

15-03-2023 - 10:05

On 22 March, members of the EMPL Committee will vote on the provisional agreement resulting from interinstitutional negotiations between the European Parliament and the Council. During the second triloge meeting held on 7 March, some key elements were agreed upon, such as the starting day of the European Year of Skills from May 9, 2023 to May 8, 2024.

Firefighters working in full equipment
15-03-2023 - 01:07

On 22 March, the EMPL Committee will hold a public hearing on “Working conditions of firefighters”. The World Health Organisation recently re-classified firefighters as a profession that is vulnerable to carcinogenics. This hearing will inform the EMPL committee’s work in various areas, and in particular the ongoing revision of the Asbestos at Work Directive.

Wallet with some euro notes
06-03-2023 - 11:22

On Wednesday, 15 February, a debate was held in plenary following oral questions to the Council and the Commission on adequate minimum income ensuring active inclusion. The debate wound up with a resolution put forward by the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs.

EPW 2023 poster
06-03-2023 - 11:14

In the 2023 European Parliamentary Week, organised jointly by BUDG, ECON and EMPL, EMPL organised two Interparliamentary Committee Meetings chaired by the Committee Chair, Dragoş Pîslaru, on 27 February, 15:30-18:45. Session I concerned the "Socio-economic consequences of high inflation and energy prices and remedies to address them with focus on vulnerable households" and session II was titled "Further integrating the social dimension in the review of the EU's economic and fiscal framework".


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