24/25 May: support for North Macedonia, Ukraine, Moldova, TTC, EU-UK TCA

30-05-2023 - 14:05
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At its meeting on 24 and 25 May 2023, the International Trade Committee (INTA) voted on a proposal to provide EUR 100 million in macro-financial assistance to the Republic of North Macedonia. Following the vote in INTA, the plenary is expected to vote on this file during the June plenary. Members also voted on the opinion to the AFET report on Uzbekistan on which INTA has associated status for trade issues.

Members discussed trade relations with Ukraine, following the recent adoption of renewed trade support measures for the country and the recent safeguard measures on agri-food products from Ukraine adopted by the Commission.

Members considered the draft report on the renewal of temporary trade liberalisation measures for Moldova, a key tool to support the Moldovan economy.

EU stakeholders shared with Members their expectations and concerns on digital trade in view of the fourth meeting of the EU-US Trade and Technology Council in Sweden on 30-31 May.

INTA held, together with AFET, a public hearing on the implementation of the EU-UK TCA to inform the ongoing work on the AFET-INTA implementation report.

Members considered the draft opinion on the Critical Raw Materials Act (CRM) following the presentation of a study on global value chains and strategic dependencies of the EU.

INTA also considered the draft opinion to the AFET report on EU-Switzerland relations.