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Commissione per i bilanci

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Next meeting of the Committee on Budgets

21-10-2020 - 15:19

Joint BUDG-ECON meeting: Tuesday 27 October 2020, 13.30 - 13.45 (remote participation and Brussels: room József Antall 6Q2)

BUDG meeting: Wednesday 28 October 2020, 9.00 - 11.00 (remote participation and Brussels: room József Antall 4Q1)

Joint BUDG-AFET-DEVE meeting: Wednesday 28 October 2020, 13:45 - 15:45 (remote participation and Brussels: room Altiero Spinelli 1G3)

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Image with a Covid tissue mask, placed on a EU flag
28-10-2020 - 17:11

On 28 October, the Committee on Budgets discussed the Commission’s proposal to mobilise the EU Solidarity Fund for an amount of EUR 823,5 million to provide assistance to Croatia and Poland in response to natural disasters, and for advance payments to 7 Member States (Croatia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Portugal and Spain) in relation to advance payments in response to the major public health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020.

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28-10-2020 - 17:10

In a joint AFET-DEVE-BUDG meeting on 28 October, Members discussed the Commission's proposal to extend the duration of EU Trust Funds until the end of 2021 as a bridging solution to the EU's next long-term budget, which is to enter into force on 1 January 2021 but for which the financing has not yet been agreed between Council and Parliament.

Bag of cash on top of blocks spelling '2021'
28-10-2020 - 17:10

Following the vote on the nearly 1300 amendments to the Council's reading of the 2021 budget on 14 October, the Committee on Budgets at its 28 October meeting adopted a resolution prepared by the General Rapporteur for the Commission's budget, Mr Pierre Larrouturou (S&D), and the rapporteur for the other institutions' administrative budget, Mr Olivier Chastel (RE), which reflects and accompanies the outcome of the budgetary vote.

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21-10-2020 - 14:52

On 15 October, the Members of Parliament’s negotiating team on the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and Own Resources took stock of progress in the negotiations with the German Presidency. Seven trilateral political dialogue meetings have already taken place since the end of August.

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21-10-2020 - 14:52

This study performs a “reality check” of Pilot Projects and Preparatory Actions (PPPAs) included in the EU budget over 2014-2019 and assesses their use as a strategic political tool. It covers 324 PPPAs with an aggregate value of EUR 337 million to date. PPPAs can trigger new or fine-tune existing legislation or policy and generate important lessons learnt. However, there is no systematic data to assess their effectiveness. The study identifies a series of areas for improvement.

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21-10-2020 - 14:51

Study on how to make the system for documenting climate mainstreaming in the EU budget more transparent, stringent and comprehensive