Draft report on Euro 7

19-10-2023 - 16:42
Cars in a traffic jam with visible air pollution
© Nady / Adobe Stock

On 12 October, ENVI voted on the draft report on the proposal for a type-approval of motor vehicles and engines and of systems, components and separate technical units intended for such vehicles, with respect to their emissions and battery durability (Euro 7), in order to meet the European Green Deal's zero-pollution ambition while keeping vehicles affordable for consumers.

The Commission proposal aims, on the one hand, to set more appropriate and efficient rules for vehicle emissions, and on the other hand, to reduce air pollutant emissions from road transport. In order to achieve this twofold objective, the regulation will simplify the current Euro emission standards, provide up-to-date limits for all relevant air pollutants and improve control of real-world emissions.

The norm is highly important considering that road transport is the main source of pollution in cities. In addition, for the first time, emission objectives for light- and heavy-duty motor vehicles, until now separate, are included in a single regulation.

In the draft report, the Rapporteur underlined the need to strike a balance between enhancing air quality and facilitating the adoption of CO2-neutral and zero-emission vehicles. Moreover, the Rapporteur suggested considering the cost implications and technological feasibility of meeting the new standards.