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18-07-2022 - 14:26

On 12 July, Members of the FEMM, LIBE, and EMPL Committees, along with Members of national Parliaments held a high-level exchange of views, welcoming a representative from the Ukrainian government and the UNCHR Deputy High Commissioner, as well as the European Commissioner on Jobs and Social Rights.

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12-07-2022 - 16:31

Following the last successful trilogue on the Directive "Adequate minimum wages in the EU", the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs voted on the provisional agreement that was reached, aiming to tackle in-work poverty and raise standards of living, foster collective bargaining, and enhance workers' rights to minimum wage protection. In a context of rising prices, but within the respect of national traditions, this directive is a major milestone for European social policies.

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12-07-2022 - 16:30

The Committee on Employment and Social Affairs discussed the priorities of the Czech Presidency with Marian Jurečka, Czech Deputy Prime Minsiter and Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, to ensure a proper understanding of the Committee's points of attention and good cooperation for the next semester.

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04-07-2022 - 10:20

Entrepreneurial literacy and skills (ELS) empower European citizens to act on economic opportunities and enable them to adequately respond to ongoing impactful changes, such as the green transition, the ageing workforce and the digitalisation.

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