ENVI vote on the CLP Regulation and on the Union Civil Protection Mechanism

04-10-2023 - 10:03
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On 11 September ENVI voted on the draft report on the revision of the Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures Regulation. In the same voting session, members voted on the amending Decision on the Union Civil Protection Mechanism.

The CLP Regulation revision package aims at better identifying and classifying hazardous chemicals, improving communication on chemical hazards, and addressing legal gaps and high levels of non-compliance. This revision is part of the European Green Deal for the strengthening and simplification of the legal framework for chemicals to ensure a toxic-free environment. The proposal on the Union Civil Protection Mechanism aims to ensure that the Union can continue providing emergency support to Member States in fighting wildfires, until the permanent European aerial forest firefighting fleet will become available.