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Elezioni europee 2024 – 6-9 giugno 2024

24-05-2024 - 11:31
In the European Union, democracy may seem obvious to us today. But this has not always been the case. Not so long ago, millions of Europeans lived through times when they could not vote or even speak up freely. When their very lives could be in danger simply for being different, for holding different beliefs or for wanting a different life. Democracy is a precious gift passed on to us from previous generations. They aspired towards it and fought for it. Now it is up to us to maintain it, to make it stronger and pass it on to the generations to come. The most effective way to do so is by voting - because the more people vote, the stronger democracy becomes. On June 6-9 2024: Use your vote or others will decide for you.
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I cittadini degli Stati membri dell'UE eleggeranno i loro rappresentanti al Parlamento europeo durante le elezioni europee in programma dal 6 al 9 giugno. I deputati neoeletti, che rappresenteranno i cittadini dell'UE fino al 2029, si riuniranno a luglio per eleggere il Presidente, i vicepresidenti e i Questori. Decideranno inoltre in merito alla composizione delle commissioni permanenti e delle sottocommissioni parlamentari, dando così inizio alla nuova legislatura. Successivamente, si terranno le prime riunioni delle commissioni, durante le quali verranno eletti i rispettivi presidenti e vicepresidenti.

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Activity Report 2019 - 2024
30-04-2024 - 14:51

On Thursday, 18 April 2024, the FEMM Committee published its activity report for the 9th legislative term (2019 - 2024).

FEMM Activity Report 2019-2024

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