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On Wednesday, MEPs will discuss women’s rights and the rule of law in Poland with Commissioner Dalli and civil society representatives.

MEPs assessed the progress made in women’s rights over the past 25 years and the many challenges still ahead, in a resolution adopted on Thursday.

Il PE chiede che l’uso consapevole dei servizi sessuali forniti dalle vittime di tratta sia criminalizzato, e, in generale, di rafforzare le misure per contrastare il fenomeno.

Ministers outlined the priorities of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the EU to parliamentary committees, in a series of meetings.

The Chairs of the Women’s Rights and Civil Liberties committees call for solidarity with protesters in Poland and reiterate their call for the Polish government to amend their abortion law.

On Wednesday, MEPs proposed a series of measures aiming at preventing and combating trafficking in human beings and supporting, assisting and protecting its victims.

MEPs examined the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on women and proposed measures to protect women's rights and enhance gender equality during and after the crisis.

Il PE accoglie con favore le misure positive incluse nella nuova strategia UE per la parità di genere, ma chiede ulteriori azioni e obiettivi specifici e vincolanti.

It is necessary to encourage women’s participation in technical and high-level jobs by overcoming educational barriers from an early stage, say MEPs.

A dedicated formal forum on gender equality at Council level would ensure a stronger integration of gender equality issues in EU strategies and policies, say MEPs.