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Elezioni europee 2024 - 6-9 giugno 2024

27-05-2024 - 10:46

I cittadini degli Stati membri dell'UE eleggeranno i loro rappresentanti al Parlamento europeo durante le elezioni europee in programma dal 6 al 9 giugno. I deputati neoeletti, che rappresenteranno i cittadini dell'UE fino al 2029, si riuniranno a luglio per eleggere il Presidente, i vicepresidenti e i Questori. Decideranno inoltre in merito alla composizione delle commissioni permanenti e delle sottocommissioni parlamentari, dando così inizio alla nuova legislatura. Successivamente, si terranno le prime riunioni delle commissioni, durante le quali verranno eletti i rispettivi presidenti e vicepresidenti.

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The EU flag in the foreground with a gavel on a legislation text in the background.
17-07-2024 - 12:36

This paper provides a graphic overview on core legislation in the area of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection. The presentation essentially covers the areas within the responsibility of the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection, but also displays neighbouring areas of other Committees' competences which are closely connected to and impacting on IMCO's work.

picture of MEPs during IMCO committee meeting
12-07-2024 - 14:41

One of the first decisions that the committee will take is to determine the way forward on the legislative work that started in the previous term. Due consideration will be given to the stage already reached in the work on each of the files on the list below.

A meeting room door displaying a sign announcing an IMCO meeting and a man in a dark suit entering the room.
12-07-2024 - 14:40

The constitutive meetings of the European Parliament's standing committees and subcommittees will take place in Brussels on 23 July 2024, following the appointments of their members in the plenary sitting of 16-19 July. The IMCO constitutive meeting is expected to be held in the morning (TBC).

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