Prohibiting products made with forced labour: INTA and IMCO to consider draft report

30-05-2023 - 14:03
Trade-related policy options of a forced labour ban
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Forced labour continues to be a major global issue, with the ILO estimating the global number of people in a situation of forced labour at around 27.6 million in 2021.

On Tuesday 23 May, the International Trade (INTA) and the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) committees jointly considered the draft report on the proposal for a regulation prohibiting products made with forced labour on the Union market.

The objective of this proposal is to effectively prohibit the placing and making available on the EU market and the export from the EU of products made with forced labour, including forced child labour.

The INTA and IMCO rapporteurs presented and debated the main elements of their draft report containing 101 amendments. The deadline for amendments will be on 31 May at noon.