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15-04-2021 10:00
The effectiveness and visibility of EDES - Early Detection and Exclusion System

Brussels, Room: József Antall (JAN) 6Q2
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On 15.04.2021, the CONT Committee held a public hearing on the early-detection and exclusion system (EDES) which is a mechanism set up in 2016 by the European Commission. Its purpose is to reinforce the protection of the Union's financial interests and to ensure sound financial management. Since the revision of 2018, the Financial Regulation contains detailed provisions on the functioning of EDES (Articles 135 to 145).

EDES system applies to EU operations under direct and indirect management. It does not apply to shared management. For the latter, the Member States report cases of fraud and irregularities in a separate database, the Irregularity Management System (IMS). EDES deals with economic operators. Natural persons are in its focus only if they are recipients of EU funding or contractual partners, while managers are not personally concerned by an exclusion; their misconduct may lead however to the exclusion of the economic operator they work for.

The CONT Committee is conscious of the extraordinary times Europe is going through. However, it is also aware that crises create opportunities for many integrity violations and could intensify fraud and corruption. The Union needs to strengthen the effectiveness, coherence and coordination of existing strategies and systems for managing fraud and corruption risks in EU-funded projects.