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29-06-2022 - 16:55

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Ukrainian Flag is raised at the EP building in Brussels.
24-06-2022 - 12:18

The TRAN Committee will hold an exchange of views with Mr Mustafa Nayyem, Ukrainian Deputy-Minister of Infrastructure. One month after similar exchange of views with the Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure Mr Oleksandr Kubrakov, Deputy-Minister will bring more updates about the situation of transports in Ukraine and its specific needs and what Parliament and the EU could specifically do to help.

Multimodal ticketing
16-06-2022 - 11:33

The TRAN Committee held a public hearing on “Delivering multimodal ticketing for smarter travel”. Experts discussed the challenges and opportunities as well as the state-of-play of multimodal travel services and ticketing provided to citizens for short and long-distance road/rail/aviation travel. Possible actions at the EU level to fully unlock the potential of integrated multimodal ticketing was also discussed.

EU Ukraine
13-06-2022 - 16:35

The TRAN Committee will hold an exchange of views with Eamon Brennan, Director General of Eurocontrol on the situation in Ukraine. Mr Brennan will discuss with TRAN Members the impact of Ukraine invasion on European air traffic, following the TRAN resolution adopted on 5 May in plenary on the Impact of Russian illegal war of aggression against Ukraine on the EU transport and tourism sectors.

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