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Commissione per i trasporti e il turismo

Ultime novità

Next TRAN meeting

02-12-2020 - 11:21

In the context of the exponential growth of COVID-19, the EP President has announced a number of measures to contain the spread of epidemic and to safeguard Parliament's core activities.

The current precautionary measures adopted by the EP to contain the spread of COVID-19 do not affect work on legislative priorities. Core activities are reduced, but maintained to ensure that EP's legislative, budgetary, scrutiny functions are maintained.

Meetings will be with remote participation for Members. Other participants can follow the meeting through webstreaming.

Thus, next TRAN meeting will take place on Monday 25 January 2021 and on Tuesday 26 January 2021 (tbc). Votes will be taken in the form of the alternative electronic voting system (remote vote). The meeting will be webstreamed.

In primo piano

Ship's bow, moving through the waves to her destination. View from forecastle deck.
01-12-2020 - 15:48

TRAN Members heard feedback from the European Commission on the results of the two IMO Committees' meetings that took place in November 2020: the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) and the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC).

Snow covered mountain. Forest. Green lake. Woman enjoying freedom on nature outdoors.
01-12-2020 - 08:44

Tourism has been high on the TRAN committee’s agenda, with Members actively involved in an ongoing dialogue on sustainable recovery. TRAN also looks towards the future, bearing the strategic orientations of tomorrow’s tourism in mind, and as part of this effort held a public hearing on “Future-proofing the Tourism Sector: Challenges and Opportunities Ahead”.

Tourism Task Force

30 November 2020 - Public hearing "Future-proofing the Tourism Sector: Challenges and Opportunities Ahead"

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