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24-09-2020 16:45
AFCO: Hearing on Transnational lists and the Spitzenkandidaten principle

Room: ANTALL 6Q2 + Interactio
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On 24 September 2020, the Committee on Constitutional Affairs will hold a public remote hearing on the 'Transnational lists and the Spitzenkandidaten principle', bringing together both internal and external experts who will discuss with AFCO Members the issues of transnational lists and the lead candidates system, based on lessons to be drawn from the last European elections and following inter-institutional nominations’ cycle.

Members will hear from the following experts:

  • Mr János Martonyi, Professor of International Trade Law and European Law, University of Public Service, Budapest;
  • Ms Christine Verger, Vice-President of Institut Jacques Delors, Paris, France;
  • Mr Andreas Maurer, Professor at the University of Innsbruck - School of Social and Political Sciences, Austria; and
  • Mr Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Former Member of the European Parliament, 1994-2014, Verts/ALE.

In the context of the hearing, AFCO Members will also have the opportunity to hear from Maria Diaz Crego, from the Members' Research Service, on the main issues of an EPRS research paper entitled "Transnational lists: a way to further Europeanise European elections?", and which will be published in the coming weeks.

The conclusions of these discussions aim equally at contributing to the ongoing work on the draft report on stocktaking of European elections, led by its Rapporteur, Pascal Durand (Renew Europe, FR).