Seminarus organizuoja teminiai skyriai. Seminaruose EP nariai gali pateikti klausimų ekspertams ir keistis su jais nuomonėmis Parlamento veiklos ar kitais svarbiais einamaisiais klausimais. Seminarai nebūtinai yra vieši. Jie gali būti rengiami per komiteto posėdį.

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The Committee on Budgets held a workshop on gender budgeting to take stock of its practical implementation. The speakers presented concrete experiences made in this field by the Commission and national administrations, as well as the requests by the International Women Alliance in this regard. The workshop gave Members the opportunity to acquire further knowledge to continue promoting gender budgeting in European Parliament co-legislator activity.

BUDG Workshop of 27/10/2021

In this workshop, experts from the think tank Bruegel present their in-depth analysis of the current unprecedented scale-up of the EU’s presence on the capital markets, identifying some new challenges and opportunities. A Jacques Delors researcher with special knowledge of EU budgetary, fiscal and monetary policies on the one hand, and Commission’s DG BUDG Director of asset, debt and financial risk management on the other hand, complete the discussion panel.



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