20-06-2022 15:30
LIBE–AFCO Joint Public Hearing on "Rule of law mechanisms in the EU"

József Antall (2Q2) + Interactio
Presentations by the invited experts
  • Prof. Dr. Robert GRZESZCZAK - Professor of European Law, Head of Centre for Research on European Institutional Design, University of Warsaw; Head of the Committee of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences; Member of the Programming Board of the Strategic Litigation Program of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights;
  • Márta PARDAVI - Co-chair of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee; experienced civil society leader and human rights advocate;
  • Prof. Dr. Teresa FREIXES - Professor of Constitutional Law at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (1986 to 2019); Jean Monnet Chair ad personam; President of the pan-European organisation Citizens pro Europe and of the Free Culture Foundation; Vice president of the Royal European Academy of Doctors;
  • Prof. Dr. John MORIJN - Commissioner at the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights; Professor of law and politics in international relations, University of Groningen, Faculty of Law, The Netherlands;