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EU criteria for safe and clean tourism, including a common vaccination certificate, should be a part of a new EU strategy on sustainable tourism, said MEPs.

Current EU rules on periodic vehicles inspections add to road safety, but an update is inevitable with emerging implementation shortcomings and new safety systems for cars, said MEPs.

Climate neutral transition of the maritime transport should be followed by a notable reduction of emissions, clean ports and giving up of heavy fuel oil usage, said MEPs on Thursday.

On Thursday morning, Parliament’s Inquiry Committee will debate the current rules and practices on long-distance transport of live animals within the European Union.

Siekdamas padėti transporto sektoriui pandemijos metu, Europos Parlamentas (EP) pratęsė tam tikrų leidimų galiojimą ir sušvelnino skrydžio laikų skirstymo taisykles.

Ministers outlined the priorities of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the EU to parliamentary committees, in a series of meetings.

On Monday afternoon, Parliament’s Inquiry Committee will debate the current rules on animal welfare during transport and the challenges in applying them.

A new EU mobility strategy, that sets the plan towards greener and smarter EU transport system, was debated by Transport Committee MEPs with Commissioner Vălean on Monday.

On Friday, Parliament adopted measures to ensure basic road and air connections in case no agreement is reached on EU-UK future relations.

MEPs adopted temporary measures to keep the tunnel railway connection between continental Europe and the UK running after the end of the transition period.