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Starpnozaru politika

FinTech Working Group

The main task of this WG is to better understand and monitor trends in the FinTech area, in order to foster positive developments, provide a sound regulatory environment, and be ready to respond in time if some trends and risks become unacceptable and threaten consumers, market integrity and financial stability. The financial sector is a crucial part of the economic infrastructure, but it is prone to causing crises due to its size, interconnections, banking business models and structural vulnerabilities. In this respect, global BigTech, some crypto assets, large neo-banks and Central Bank digital currency projects, in addition to providing technological and economic benefits may have serious implications on financial stability, as well as social and environmental implications. Members of the WG exchange views with experts from the European Commission, European Central Bank, the Bank of International Settlement, the Financial Stability Board, industry, academia, and other institutions.