Seduti ta’ smigħ

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A doctor in a white coat, pointing at a digital screen, white cancer ribbon

On 27 May, the Special Committee on Beating Cancer put the spotlight on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in cancer research, cancer care and personalised cancer medicine and issues related to data protection during a public hearing with 8 leading experts in the field and the European Commission. The public hearing was organised in association with the Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Age (AIDA).

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BECA MEPs discussed the results of the public consultation on the "Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cancer prevention, health services, cancer patients and research" on 10 May 2021. A copy of the synopsis report with a summary of the findings and recommendations is available in the link below.

Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan will be financed using a whole range of Commission funding instruments with a total of €4 billion being earmarked for actions addressing cancer

On Monday 10 May 2021, the Members of the Beating Cancer Committee discussed the financing of Europe's Beating Cancer Plan during an exchange of views with the Council and the European Commission. They also examined the Union's legislative competences in policies for fighting cancer together with the legal services of the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Digital image of the globe, placed centrally on the dark blue background, surrounded by a digital net, which is pointed at and touched by two forefingers having a yellow light sparkles at its fingertips on each side of the globe.

On 15 April, the Beating Cancer Committee explored how the EU could further promote and facilitate cooperation and the sharing of knowledge, expertise and data on cancer research and care, for instance through the European Reference Networks and cancer registries, but also by improving the cross-border healthcare directive.

4 photo's Mosaic, different angle view of the meeting room during the BECA Hearing. Picturing the Chair present in the room as well as experts participating remotely.

The Beating Cancer Committee took a close look at cancer screening and early detection during a public hearing with 9 leading experts and European Commission representatives on 18 March. MEPs discussed about the role of cancer registries, A.I. and big data, and screening for cervical cancer, breast cancer, colorectal and gastric cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer. Big disparities in cancer screening still exist between and within EU countries, despite the fact that it can save lives.

Teddybear, yellow ribbon and hands on a background of yellow, the international colour for childhood cancer

On 23 February, the Special Committee on Beating Cancer put the spotlight on paediatric, adolescent and rare cancers. The public hearing addressed research, treatment and rare cancer care and the rights and needs of patients, parents and survivors and caregivers.

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On World Cancer Day, 4 February, the Special Committee on Beating Cancer examined the alarming impact of the COVID19-pandemic and other health threats on cancer during a public hearing in the European Parliament.

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On Thursday 28 January, MEPs from the Beating Cancer committee discussed with ten leading experts how to deliver the best possible care to cancer patients in the EU. Topics ranged from cancer drugs to multidisciplinary cancer care, with a specific angle on paediatric and rare cancers and the social determinants in accessing cancer care.

BECA Hearing

The Beating Cancer committee (BECA) put patients and their caregivers first on Monday 11 January 2021during a hearing that was entirely dedicated to patients' experiences and their recommendations for the forthcoming BECA report.

Environment change and global warming environmental concept as a scene cut in two with half showing a dead tree as a human head in pollution and the opposite with healthy green clean air and plants.

On Friday 11 December the BECA committee heard from seven leading specialists in cancer prevention about the effect the environment can have on everybody's risk of developing cancer, including radiation, air pollution, exposure to chemicals and pesticides, and being exposed to carcinogens at work.

Illustrations depicting a healthy lifestyle

On Wednesday 2 December from 9.00 - 12.00 the BECA committee discussed with seven leading specialists in cancer prevention about the most common causes of cancer related to lifestyle such as tobacco - and alcohol use, nutrition and physical activity, and discuss prevention strategies. All the experts' presentations and the webstreaming link to watch the hearing again can be found below.

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On 12 November, four high-level experts provided Members with in-depth information on how to support cancer research in terms of strengthening prevention, diagnosis, treatment and innovation, also with a view to achieving the new Mission on Cancer within Horizon Europe, including financial support. The hearing addressed areas where Member States alone cannot be successful, as in the case of child cancer, rare cancers or research into unknown causes of cancer, which represent 50 % of the cases.