Comprehensive assessment of EU security policies

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On 26 July 2017, the European Commission adopted the " Comprehensive Security Assessment " accompanying the "Ninth progress report towards an effective and genuine Security Union". This comprehensive assessment reviews the Union's action in the area of internal security.

The focus is on currently applicable EU policies and instruments, as well as those developed over the last 15 years. It aims to assess if the acquis and supporting activities are satisfactory when set against today's reality, and to identify any gaps requiring further action. This includes the need to adjust existing policies and tools to respond to the evolving threat posed by terrorism, as also highlighted by the European Council conclusions of 22-23 June 2017 and the G20 Action Plan on Countering Terrorism of 7 July 2017. The scope of the assessment reflects the three priorities of the European Agenda on Security for the period 2015-2020: tackling terrorism and preventing radicalisation, disrupting organised crime and fighting cybercrime.