Een commissie kan een hoorzitting met deskundigen beleggen wanneer zij deze noodzakelijk acht om een bepaalde zaak naar behoren te kunnen afhandelen. Hoorzittingen kunnen ook gezamenlijk door twee of meer commissies worden gehouden. De meeste commissies houden regelmatig hoorzittingen om deskundigen te horen en over kernzaken te kunnen discussiëren. Op deze pagina staat alle beschikbare informatie over de hoorzittingen van de commissies, inclusief programma's en bijdragen van de sprekers.

Image showing a man refusing an envelope proposed by another man

On Thursday 30 March 2023, ING2 Members will exchange views on the draft report "Recommendations for reform of the European Parliament’s rules on transparency, integrity, accountability and anti-corruption" by ING2 Co-Rapporteurs Mr Vladimír BILČĺK (EPP) and Ms Nathalie LOISEAU (Renew).

FISC Public hearing

On 28 March 2023, the FISC Subcommittee had a public hearing on “Case studies on member states national tax policies - Germany: implemented national tax reforms and the combat against aggressive tax schemes”

A photo of a person looking for survivors in a collapsed building

The Committee on Budgets will hold a public hearing on the EU budget and its impact on the EU external action and its crisis response capacity. The Committees on Foreign Affairs and Development are invited to participate in the hearing.

Plastic pollution in ocean and fish

On Tuesday 28 March 2023, the Committee on Fisheries held a public hearing entitled "Marine pollution (in particular plastic pollution) and its impact on fisheries".

Stock market concept with oil rig in the gulf and oil refinery industry background

On Monday 27 March 2023, from 16:30 to 18:30, the ECON Committee held a follow-up public hearing on "Energy derivatives markets, oversight challenges related to market integrity and financial stability risks". This public hearing contributed to understanding the current situation regarding the energy derivatives markets and potential actions needed at Union level to contain financial stability risks.

Sharks diving on the ocean floor in clear water

On Monday 27 March, the PECH Committee, in association with the ENVI and PETI Committees held a public hearing on the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) "Stop Finning – Stop the Trade".

Carbon Farming Hearing

On 22 March ENVI and AGRI committees are jointly organising a public hearing on carbon farming and its practical applications in the EU.

In the perspective of a possible convention for the revision of the EU Treaties, it is important to discuss the ways of strengthening the EU’s institutional, budgetary and decision-making arrangements in the common foreign and security policy by means of treaty changes.

Firefighters working in full equipment

On 22 March, the EMPL Committee will hold a public hearing on “Working conditions of firefighters”. The World Health Organisation recently re-classified firefighters as a profession that is vulnerable to carcinogenics. This hearing will inform the EMPL committee’s work in various areas, and in particular the ongoing revision of the Asbestos at Work Directive.

REGI Public Hearing on EU regions in a "development trap" - Wednesday 22 March 2023

EU regions in a "development trap": Targeted solutions through cohesion policy instruments

Group of young people listening to a man transmitting his knowledge in aquaculture at his farm

On 21 March, the Committee on Development held a public hearing on how to create sustainable and decent employment opportunities in Africa for its increasingly young population.

Algerian flag with the shadows of raised hands

On 21 March 2023, DROI will hold a public hearing on "The state of human rights in Algeria in the framework of the renewed partnership with the Southern Neighbourhood" to discuss recent developments in the field of human rights and the rule of law in Algeria. The hearing will be held in association with the standing delegation for relations with the Maghreb countries (DMAG).