Andere evenementen

Alle andere openbare evenementen die worden georganiseerd in het kader van commissieactiviteiten, waarbij externe sprekers of deskundigen zijn betrokken.

Illustration and practical information about the event on the participation of persons with disabilities in the electoral process. The illustration shows a polling station surrounded by five persons. From left to right: a person who walks on crutches, a person in a wheel cahir, a person with a prostetic arm, a person accompanied by a guide dog, a person with an arm amputated

This Interparliamentary Committee Meeting will gather national Parliamentarians, Members from EMPL, AFCO, PETI and other committees, Council and Commission representatives, as well as representatives from main relevant NGOs. President Metsola will do welcoming words via video message.

The diesel engine trains on railway transportation to service people passenger and cargo business.

The study provides an assessment of the foreseeable demand and supply of rolling stock up to the year 2030 and highlights the obstacles to the provision of rolling stock that may potentially hinder the attainment of EU goals in rail transport.

María José Garde, Chair of the Code of Conduct Group

On 30 November 2023, from 09:00 to 10:00, the FISC Subcommittee will have an exchange of views with Ms María José Garde Garde, the new Chair of the Code of Conduct Group on Business Taxation.

27 november tot 4 december 2023. Het Europees Parlement is vastbesloten ervoor te zorgen dat alle personen met een handicap een zelfstandig leven kunnen leiden en volledig kunnen worden geïntegreerd in de maatschappij.

On Tuesday, 7 November 2023 TRAN Members went for informal mission to visit Hyperloop Development Program (HDP) in Rotterdam.

Members of the IMCO Ad Hoc Delegation to Washington DC and House Representative Beyer.jpg

An ad hoc delegation of seven Members travelled to Washington DC at the end of October to assess possibilities of cooperation and cohesiveness of laws in place in the digital sphere, political advertising and artificial intelligence, among other topics of interest. Members held meetings with a White House Special Adviser, House Representative Don Beyer, Federal Government officials, as well as think tanks.

Global transport cargo and logistic business import and export, Container ship in seaport terminal, Container cargo vessel freight shipping company commercial worldwide, Freight transportation ship.

This study looks at Chinese investments in maritime infrastructures through the lens of ‘de-risking’ for the first time. It provides a comprehensive overview of Chinese investments in the European maritime sector over the past two decades and weighs the associated risks.

FISC Subcommittee

On 24 (afternoon) and 25 (full day) October 2023, the European Parliament and the European Commission will co-host the second EU Tax Symposium in Brussels under the theme "The future of taxation in the EU: Challenges ahead & changes needed".

Collage of three pictures representing nets and fishes

On 23 October 2023, during the PECH Committee meeting, the Policy Department for Structural and Cohesion Policies held a workshop entitled "European Green Deal – Challenges and opportunities for EU fisheries and aquaculture".

Logo of Europol visible on a board outside

The thirteenth meeting of the Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group on Europol (JPSG) will take place on 20-21 September 2023 in Brussels. The JPSG brings together Members of national parliaments and the European Parliament to fulfil the scrutiny and oversight on the activities of Europol, including on fundamental rights.

Paolo Gentiloni, Commissioner responsible for Economy (FISC Subcommittee)

On 19 September 2023, from 16:30 to 17:30, Members of the FISC Subcommittee had an exchange of views on tax matters with Mr Paolo Gentiloni, Commissioner for Economy.