09-11-2017 10:15
Implications of 'Brexit' for the EU agri-food sector and the CAP

Wheat field with Brexit stamped on it Wheat field with Brexit stamped on it
Brexit © European Union

The workshop on 9 November 2017 was devoted to the highly topical issue of the impact of Brexit on the EU’s agri-food sector and on the CAP. It delved into 3 specific aspects of Brexit: (1) its impact on the CAP budget (2) its impact on EU-UK agricultural trade flows and (3) possible transitional arrangements in agriculture in light of the future EU-UK relationship.

An impressive array of experts was present to brief Members on these issues, including Ms Eulalia Rubio and Mr Jorg Haas from the Jacques Delors Institute, Ms Cecilia Bellora and Mr Jean Fouré from the Paris-based Centre for International Research and Economic Modelling (CIREM) and Mr Alan Matthews, Professor at Trinity College Dublin.