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29-11-2023 - 10:27

On 7 December, the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development will adopt a series of opinions relating respectively to the 2014-2020 cohesion policy; two agreements with Chile; the agreement with Egypt on the apportionment of WTO tariff-rate quotas following Brexit, and the amendment to the agreement with Argentina on the same subject.

29-11-2023 - 10:27

On 28 November, a Workshop on Reassessment of methane emissions: focus on biogenic methane emissions has been organised.

29-11-2023 - 10:27

On 27 and 28 November, the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development held a public hearing, a workshop, exchanges of views and consideration of draft reports and opinions.

16-11-2023 - 17:14

On 16 November, the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development adopted its opinions on territorial development, the “Breakfast” Directives, and the implementation of the CETA. It also decided on the amendment to the Agreement with Norway on WTO tariff-rate quotas. Members also considered a draft opinion on the Green Claims Directive and discussed the agricultural reserve.

Picture of a map representing the regions of the European Union
27-10-2023 - 09:46

On 25 October, jointly with the Committee of the Regions (NAT), the AGRI Committee organised a hearing on the territorial implementation of the CAP.

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