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17-04-2024 - 09:18

The AGRI Activity Report lists all of the legislative and non-legislative activities and initiatives carried out by the committee during the 9th term.

17-04-2024 - 09:18

On 15 April, the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development held its last meeting of the legislature.

19-03-2024 - 20:20

On 18-19 March, the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development adopted its reports on forest reproductive material and plant reproductive material; its opinion on EU agencies in the area of chemicals; the inter-institutional agreement on the Plant Health Law and an early non-objection on changes to GAEC standard 1

14-03-2024 - 15:13

Presentation of the study 'The dependency of the EU’s food system on inputs and their sources', organised by Policy Department B

Fact Sheets on the EU

The Fact Sheets provide an overview of European integration and of the European Parliament's contribution to that process.

Supporting Analyses

prepared by the Policy Department for Structural and Cohesion Policies


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