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Summary of the exchange of views on EU Member States National Declarations (ND) - Committee on Budgetary Control Meeting on 11 April 2019 EN

14-06-2019 PE 636.473 BUDG CONT
Resumo : Committee on Budgetary Control (CONT) held an exchange of views with Mr Olivier Waelbroeck, Director, European Commission, and Ms Eva Lindström, Member of the European Court of Auditors, in which they explored ways to promote the National Declarations (ND). ND are a voluntary public accountability instrument that strengthen the provision of assurance in the management of EU funds, and demonstrate the political commitment towards sound financial management.
Autores : Rudolfs VERDINS
Resumo : O orçamento da União Europeia tem três pilares: a sua despesa, o seu financiamento e a sua auditoria. O presente documento analisa as origens do orçamento, o seu desenvolvimento através de um planeamento plurianual e a elaboração anual do orçamento. Esta análise é feita no meio da alteração dos poderes do Parlamento Europeu em relação ao orçamento e da evolução do seu financiamento e do processo de auditoria. Desde a primeira Comunidade Europeia, em 1952, existe uma tensão sobre a elaboração do orçamento entre as instituições europeias e os Estados-Membros, e uma relação estreita entre as reformas da despesa e as do financiamento.
Autores : Dr Giacomo Benedetto

The European Public Prosecutor’s Office: Strategies For Coping With Complexity EN

15-05-2019 PE 621.806 BUDG CONT
Resumo : This study analyses challenges related to the establishment of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) as enhanced cooperation among the current 22 Member States and discusses possible solutions for coping with them. Complexity is identified as a main challenge owing to the EPPO’s specific multilevel structure, the relationship between the EPPO and non-participating Member States, and the fact that the EPPO Regulation leaves many procedural rules to the law of the Member State in which an investigation takes place. Depending on the nature of the challenge, the suggested strategies to cope with complexity encompass legislative, administrative, and monitoring measures.
Autores : Hartmut Aden, Maria-Luisa Sanchez-Barrueco, Paul Stephenson

Performance Indicators for Convergence in Regional Development - How reliable are they to ensure Targeted and Result-Oriented spending? EN

15-04-2019 PE 621.807 BUDG CONT
Resumo : This study examines how reliable Cohesion Policy indicators are in helping to ensure targeted and result-oriented expenditure. Overall, substantial progress has been made in recent years in developing an effective system. However, the challenge remains to shift from a focus on financial absorption and outputs to assessing more meaningful results and impacts of interventions, and to improve data collection systems. The paper includes eleven recommendations to address these and other challenges ahead of the new 2020-2027 period.
Autores : Jack Malan, Jayne Woolford, Sandra Ruiz-Fernandez, Michaela Brady, and Maria Kazakova from the Centre for Strategy & Evaluation Services LLP (CSES)

Effectiveness of cohesion policy: Learning from the project characteristics that produce the best results EN

15-04-2019 PE 636.469 BUDG CONT
Resumo : This study analyses the characteristics of cohesion policy projects that can contribute to successful outcomes. Our analysis is based on a literature survey, an econometric analysis and interviews with stakeholders. About two dozen project characteristics are considered, and their association with economic growth is studied using a novel methodology. Based on the findings, the study concludes with recommendations for cohesion policy reform.
Autores : Mr Zsolt Darvas, Senior Fellow, Bruegel and Corvinus University of Budapest Mr Antoine Mathieu Collin contributed to this report while working at Bruegel as a Research Assistant Mr Jan Mazza, Research Assistant, Bruegel Ms Catarina Midoes, Research Assistant, Bruegel

Mainstreaming Innovation Funding in the EU Budget EN

15-04-2019 PE 636.471 BUDG CONT
Resumo : This study provides a comprehensive assessment of how the EU budget supports innovation in the current programming period and analyses the approach to innovation financing in the Commission´s MFF 2021-2027 proposals. The findings provide the basis on which to draw recommendations to maximize the use of EU innovation funding in the coming MFF.
Autores : EDr. Eulalia Rubio, Jacques Delors Institute Dr Fabian Zuleeg, European Policy Centre Emilie Magdalinski, Jacques Delors Institute Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, Jacques Delors Institute Marta Pilati, European Policy Centre Philipp Ständer, Jacques Delors Institut -Berlin

Protection of EU financial interest on customs and VAT: cooperation of national tax and customs authorities to prevent fraud EN

08-04-2019 PE 636.470 BUDG CONT
Resumo : The losses from customs and VAT fraud impact the Member States’ contributions to the EU budget. This study aims to describe the current levels of fraud and map and analyse the effectiveness of the EU cooperation measures in tackling fraud. The first conclusion is that the lack of methodology for measuring customs gap or its elements, such as losses from customs fraud, prevents tailored risk based policy responses. As a second conclusion, current cooperation channels are underused, but recent developments have been positive and new proposals are expected to strengthen the joint fight against fraud.
Autores : Deloitte Consulting Johan Van der Paal Aili Nurk Daan de Vlieger Hadrien Janne Maruca de Ramon Philippe Heeren Emma Kissane

Integrated Territorial Investments as an Effective Tool of the Cohesion Policy EN

15-03-2019 PE 636.472 BUDG CONT
Análise aprofundada
Resumo : This paper assesses Integrated Territorial Investments as an effective tool of Cohesion policy (CP). Based on a review of the experience of designing ITI strategies and implementation experience thus far in 2014-2020, it highlights the key factors facilitating or impeding effectiveness and sets out recommendations for the future.
Autores : Martin Ferry

Appointment of the Commission’s Secretary General in 2018 EN

15-03-2019 PE 621.805 BUDG CONT
Resumo : The appointment of the new Secretary-General of the Commission in 2018 has been taken up by the European Parliament and has been put on its agenda on several occasions. In order to give interested readers an overview on the controversial decision, its circumstances and its assessment by different actors, this documentation contains a chronology of the related activities of the European Parliament and the European Ombudsman. It collects the most relevant texts from these institutions and also the answers given to them by the European Commission.

Policy Departments' Monthly Highlights - March 2019 EN

Em síntese
Resumo : In this edition of the newsletter, Jean Arthuis and Ingeborg Grässle, Chairs of the BUDG and the CONT committees respectively, present the priorities of both committees and describe several examples of good joint efforts made in the course of the legislative term. Other issues dealt with in this edition include performance based budgeting, sustainable development, taxation, agriculture and cooperation with the Council. Forthcoming publications and events are also announced.