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CONT Workshops in preparation (for information only)


Workshops are being prepared by the Policy Department for Budgetary Affairs which will be held by remote participation in the coming months, dates and times are to be confirmed and the list below is not exhaustive. Please contact the Policy Department directly by email for further information:

(1) Open spaces at EU institutions versus traditional work spaces: justification, evolution, evaluation and results - 29 October 2020;

(2) Missing Trader Fraud: definition, effects, prevention and solutions;

(3) Use of big data; and AI in fighting corruption and misuse of public funds - good practice, ways forward and how to integrate new technology into contemporary control framework;

(4) MEP pension scheme reform of 2009. What has changed? Who benefits and who loses with this reform?;

(5) State of play regarding gender and geographical balance within the EP administration, particularly at the highest levels. What has changed since over the past 10 years. How does the EP compare to the other institutions; and

(6) The EU's current role in the GRECO and ambitions for the future: how to move towards full membership