Comissão do Desenvolvimento


Next committee meeting

26-01-2023 - 16:41

Members of the DEVE Committee will meet on 6 February 2023 (15.00-18.30), in Room Spinelli 1E2:


  • The hunger crisis in East Africa: Exchange of views with the European Commission and with Michael Dunford, WFP Regional Director for Eastern Africa;
  • Addressing the challenges associated with plastic pollution, waste disposal and management in developing countries: Exchange of views with the European Commission and with Justine Maillot, Coordinator of Break Free From Plastic Europe and the Rethink Plastic alliance.

Presentation of a study

    • "Achieving the UN Agenda 2030: Overall actions for the successful implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals before and after the 2030 deadline"

      Em destaque

      25-01-2023 - 18:19

      On 25 January, Members of the Development Committee adopted an opinion in letter form on the Recommendation to the Council taking stock of the functioning of the EEAS and for a stronger EU in the world. The letter will be sent by the DEVE Chair, Tomas Tobé, to the Foreign Affairs Committee which is responsible for this Recommendation.

      Nurse with face mask injecting a dose of vaccine to a smiling schoolboy in an African hospital
      20-01-2023 - 09:55

      On Wednesday 25 January, DEVE and ENVI committees will hold an exchange of views with the European Commission on the EU Global Health Strategy. The debate will address the “EU Global Health Strategy: better health for all in a changing world”. It will also be an occasion for members to discuss the state of health security worldwide, as well as the EU preparedness and response in combating pandemics and applying a One Health approach.