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Discharge 2019

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On 01.10.2020, CONT Coordinators approved a revised timetable for the 2019 discharge cycle. Plenary votes on all discharge files are scheduled for week 17 (26-29 April 2021) in Strasbourg. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ECA delayed the publication of its annual report to 10 November 2020. The presentation of the ECA Annual Report in CONT committee is planned on the same day.

CONT Coordinators approved a letter to CCC Chair requesting assurance on the 2019 discharge calendar, which was drawn up under the assumption that the approved calendar of CONT committee meetings will be maintained until the end of 2020 and that the committee meeting slots for 2021 will be authorized as required in order to proceed with the procedure in respect of all internal procedural deadlines and in respect of the deadline imposed by the Financial Regulation.