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Comissão dos Assuntos Jurídicos


Meetings schedule

15-06-2021 - 16:30

The next JURI Committee meetings are scheduled on:

  • 28 June 2021
  • 1 July 2021, joint with LIBE
  • 12 July 2021
  • 13 July 2021

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the President of the European Parliament has established a number of measures to contain the spread of the virus and to safeguard Parliament's core activities. The current precautionary measures do not affect work on legislative priorities.

Core activities are maintained to ensure the smooth running of the institution's legislative, budgetary, and scrutiny functions. The meetings allow for remote participation in a virtual environment.

Em destaque

in the picture there is a gavel formed by a group of people which will hammer a mallet also formed by a group of people
03-06-2021 - 13:58

The JURI and LIBE committees jointly organised a hearing via remote means dedicated to SLAPPs (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) on 3 June from 10.30 to 12.00.

European flag in front of European Parliament
11-05-2021 - 16:01

On 10 May 2021, the Members of the Committee on Legal Affairs held an exchange of views in the context of structured dialogue with Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission for A Europe Fit for the Digital Age (16.45-17.45). Moreover, they held an exchange of views with Věra Jourová, Vice-President of the European Commission for Values and Transparency (17.45-18.45).

Estudos de apoio

Os Estudos de Apoio proporcionam conhecimentos especializados, análises e aconselhamento político independentes de alto nível em todos os domínios de atividade do Parlamento Europeu.

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Fichas técnicas da UE

As fichas temáticas dão uma panorâmica da integração europeia e do contributo do Parlamento Europeu para esse processo.

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A Avaliação das Opções Científicas e Tecnológicas para o Parlamento Europeu

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