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Any additional press releases can be found in the "Press room" menu of the Committee's webpage.

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InvestEU aims to be a fund that provides support to EU investors by integrating and simplifying the financing, offered under a single budgetary guarantee scheme.

Economic and Monetary Affairs MEPs adopted targeted changes for investment firms, granting EU companies access to a diverse range of funding and supporting the post-COVID-19 recovery.

MEPs on Thursday adopted their position on a scheme to help public investments in regions most hit by the ecological transition.

Recovery should reduce economic divergence and boost the EU’s long-term social and environmental targets, the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee said on Thursday.

MEPs welcomed explorations into digital forms of payment but voiced concerns about safety, inclusiveness and the stability of financial systems following the introduction of a digital euro.

MEPs on Monday evening quizzed the three bosses of the EU’s financial watchdogs, primarily on non-performing loans, Wirecard, Brexit and the pandemic effects on the financial sector.

MEPs called for simplified rules for SMEs, mid-caps and start-ups so that they can receive funding, in a non-binding resolution adopted on Thursday.

MEPs approved calls for a robust EU framework for crypto-assets, cyber resilience, data sharing and customer safety, in a non-binding resolution adopted on Thursday.

The Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee questioned Mairead McGuinness, the Irish candidate for the financial services portfolio, set to replace Phil Hogan.

The Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee will hold its hearing of Mairead McGuinness, Commissioner-designate for financial services and stability, on Friday 09.00-12.00.