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08-09-2022 - 11:46

At the EMPL committee meeting on 8 September, Members voted on the draft opinion "General budget of the European Union for the financial year 2023 - all sections" (Rapporteur: Dragoş Pîslaru). There was also an exchange of views with Dubravka Šuica (Vice-President of the European Commission) on the Commission's newly adopted European Care Strategy.

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07-09-2022 - 12:53

This study overviews the impacts of the twin (digital and green) transition on the labour market and the workplace. It explores the role and presents good practice examples of employee involvement, both via social dialogue and collective bargaining and direct co-decision making, in shaping the transition at the macro and micro levels. Finally, the study summarises the main legislative and policy measures adopted at the EU level to foster employee involvement.

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