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ENVI Committee meetings

10-04-2024 - 15:29

The next ENVI committee meeting will take place in Brussels on:

  • Thursday, 18 April 2024, from 10:00 to 12:30

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Photo of Brown Bare Tree on Brown Surface during Daytime
22-03-2024 - 15:04

On 19 March, the Commission presented its Communication “Managing climate risks - protecting people and prosperity” to ENVI members.

Plastic bottles and container to recycle
22-03-2024 - 15:04

On 19 March, ENVI voted on the provisional agreement, reached on 4 March 2024, on the regulation establishing rules to reduce, reuse and recycle packaging in the EU

Climate change concept © 123RF/European Union–EP
22-03-2024 - 15:03

On 19 March, ENVI exchanged views with the European Environment Agency on its first-ever assessment of climate change risks facing the EU.

22-03-2024 - 15:03

ENVI members voted on the draft report on the proposal on preventing plastic pellet losses to reduce microplastic pollution, at the ENVI meeting on 19 March 2024.

22-03-2024 - 15:02

On 19 March 2024, ENVI held a presentation by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) of the investigation report on PVC and PVC additives, and an exchange of views with the ECHA and the European Commission.

22-03-2024 - 15:01

ENVI held a joint presentation by the Commission of the “one substance, one assessment" package, followed by an exchange of views.

Europe’s carbon sinks are in decline. To help reach the EU’s net-zero emission target by 2050,  the European Parliament is amending rules on land use, so that agricultural land, as well as forests, moors and wetlands can capture more carbon and help reduce global heating.
22-03-2024 - 14:59

On 11 March, ENVI voted on the provisional political agreement on the Regulation establishing a Union certification framework for permanent carbon removals, carbon farming and carbon storage in products.

Industrial and factory waste water discharge pipe into the canal and sea, dirty water pollution
22-03-2024 - 14:58

On 11 March, ENVI voted on the provisional agreement, reached on 29 January 2024, on the proposal to review the urban wastewater treatment directive, aligning it with the Green Deal’s objectives.

Commissioner for health and food safety Stella Kyriakides speaks in the Brussels' hemicycle of the European Parliament
22-03-2024 - 14:57

On 11 March ENVI members exchanged views with Ms Stella Kyriakides, Commissioner for health and food safety, on the implications of the MFF revision for the future implementation of the EU4Health program.

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