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Debate on EU Vaccine Strategy and Advance Purchase Agreement

07-09-2020 - 19:10
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On 7 September, ENVI Members debated with Sandra Gallina, Deputy Director General of DG SANTE on the state of play of the EU vaccines strategy and the Vaccines Advance Purchase Agreements. The aim of the European Vaccines Strategy, adopted by the Commission last June, aims to secure for all European citizens high-quality, safe, effective and affordable vaccines within 12 to 18 months.

To do so, and together with the Member States, the Commission has started to enter into Advance Purchase Agreements with vaccine producers reserving or giving the Member States the right to buy a given number of vaccine doses for a set price, as and when a vaccine becomes available. Advanced Purchase Agreements are financed through the Emergency Support Instrument. A first such contract was signed on 27 August for the purchase of 300 million doses for a vaccine against COVID-19.