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16-05-2022 - 09:51

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the President of the European Parliament has established a number of measures to contain the spread of the virus and to safeguard Parliament's core activities. The current precautionary measures do not affect work on legislative priorities.

Core activities are maintained to ensure the smooth running of the institution's legislative, budgetary, and scrutiny functions.

Following these decisions, the next EMPL meeting will take place on:

Thursday 19 May 2022, 13.45 - 15.45 and 16.45 - 18.45 in room ANTALL 2Q2

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Climate change concept
16-05-2022 - 15:59

The Social Climate Fund (SCF) report, a joint report by EMPL and ENVI (Rapp. Casa and De Lange), will be put to the vote on Wednesday 18 May. The proposal to set up the SCF aims at offsetting the potential social impacts of the increased Union climate ambition. The file is linked to the file on the extension of the Emission Trading System to buildings and road-transport. The amendments will be voted on Wednesday in the morning and the final vote will take place in the afternoon.

The Roma are Europe’s largest minority with some 6 million in the EU. The European Parliament wants to do more to make sure their fundamental rights are protected and they have access to decent education, employment, healthcare and housing.
10-05-2022 - 08:37

The Employment and Social Affairs Committee will vote on the adoption of oral questions to the Council and the Commission regarding the situation of Roma communities in settlements on May 19. Members will also consider a motion for a resolution on the issue. Following a topical debate in plenary in April, the EMPL Committee wishes to see concrete measures, using all EU measures available, addressing the concerning situation of marginalised Roma communities.

The EU Action plan for the social economy
10-05-2022 - 08:37

The Employment and Social Affairs Committee will vote on the adoption of a draft report on the EU Action plan for the social economy on 19 May. The EMPL Committee launched this non-legislative procedure to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the Commission’s action plan for the social economy. The report welcomes its guiding principles, and makes suggestions for creating an enabling environment for the social economy, as well as calling for more concrete and effective implementation.

Fair working condition - Bicycle rider
10-05-2022 - 08:36

The Employment and Social Affairs Committee will discuss the draft report on the Commission proposal for a directive improving working conditions in platform work. The committee will also hold an exchange of views with stakeholders and experts. The general objective of this initiative is to improve the working conditions and social rights of people working through digital labour platforms, and support the conditions for the sustainable growth of digital labour platforms in the European Union.

Refugees flee Ukraine
28-04-2022 - 20:16

On 11-13 May, the EMPL Committee will send a delegation to Poland, which has welcomed more than half of the 4 million Ukrainian refugees following the Russian aggression.

Commissioner-Designate Equality
28-04-2022 - 20:16

The EMPL Committee held an exchange of views on the European Commission Work Programme with Helena Dalli, Commissioner for Equality, on Thursday, 28 April. This exchange of views is part of the regular Structured Dialogue with the European Commission on the implementation of the work programme of the current year and on the preparation of the future work programme.

Woman and kids in front of Ukrainian flag
28-04-2022 - 20:15

In the presence of the European Parliament Coordinator on Children’s Rights, Ewa Kopacz, JURI and EMPL Members discussed protection and possible risks of illegal adoption of children from institutional care fleeing from war in Ukraine. They heard from the Commission on the use of the European Social Fund + and the implementation of the European Child Guarantee for these children.

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