Služobné cesty

Výbor sa môže rozhodnúť usporiadať služobnú cestu do členského štátu, krajiny mimo EÚ alebo na medzinárodnú konferenciu. Služobné cesty sa uskutočňujú v rámci výkonu právomocí zverených výboru a zúčastňuje sa na nich obmedzený počet členov výboru. Výbory tiež môžu vyslať na najviac tri dni trojčlennú delegáciu do agentúr, v prípade ktorých sú hlavnými zodpovednými výbormi. Na tejto stránke nájdete všetky dostupné informácie týkajúce sa osobitných služobných ciest.

city view

A delegation of 7 Members of the Committee on International Trade (INTA) travelled to Taipei from 19 to 21 December. The aim of the mission was to discuss about trade and investment relations. The Delegation had meetings with representatives of the Government, the Legislative Yuan, civil society and private sector representatives.

View of the ship terminal in Rotterdam

On November 29th, a delegation of Members of the European Parliament visited the largest seaport in Europe: the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Members saw first-hand an important energy port for green hydrogen and discussed with Customs concrete implications of the Forced Labour Product Ban that the Parliament is currently working on.

FISC Subcommittee

Members of the FISC Subcommittee will travel to Bern (Switzerland) from 3 to 4 November 2022. The delegation, led by the Chair, Mr Paul Tang, will meet with representatives of key institutions, such as the Federal Department of Finance, the Federal Tax Administration, Members of the Economic Affairs and Taxation Committees of the National Council as well as stakeholders from the private sector, experts and civil society.

Pupils and teacher working at desk together at the elementary school

A delegation of members of the Committee on Petitions conducted a Fact-Finding-Visit to Germany from 3 to 4 November, 2022. Many petitions submitted to the Committee concern cross-border family matters and the mission enabled Members to gain a better understanding of the German judicial system and the role of the “Jugendamt” (Youth Welfare Office) on these issues.

Image of Kenya's flag.

From 1-3 November, five-member delegation led by INTA committee chair Bernd Lange (S&D, DE) will be travelling to Nairobi, Kenya. The aim of the delegation is to meet with newly elected Ministers, parliamentarians as well as civil society and private sector representatives. The discussions will focus mainly on EU-Kenya trade relations and the ongoing negotiation process on EU-Kenya interim Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) that also includes trade and sustainability chapter.

Photo of ING2 Members Nacho Sánchez Amor (S&D, ES); Laura Ferrara (NI, IT); Sandra Kalniete (EPP, LV); Markéta Gregorová (Greens, CZ); Pierfrancesco Majorino (S&D, IT); Sandro Gozi (Renew, FR); and Silvio Gonzato, the Deputy Ambassador of the EU to the UN

The Special Committee ING2 sent an ad-hoc delegation to the United Nations in New York City, USA, from 31 October to 3 November 2022. The delegation was composed of seven Members, led by Ms Sandra Kalniete (EPP, LV), ING2 Rapporteur. The mission to New York enabled Members of the Special Committee to discuss with UN ambassadors and UN officials about their approach to information manipulation and interference and the possibility to develop global norms on the issue.

FISC mission to Luxembourg

Members of the FISC Subcommittee will travel to Luxembourg, from 20 to 21 October 2022. The delegation, led by the Chair, Mr Paul Tang, will meet with representatives of the Finance Committee of the Luxembourgish Parliament, key representatives from the ministry of finance, as well as stakeholders from the private sector and civil society.

Port view and channel in Northern Ireland

A delegation of seven Members traveled to Belfast, Northern Ireland, on 13-14 October. Members held meetings with the civil society, the Northern Ireland Business Brexit Working Group Members, Stormont Assembly Speaker Alex Maskey and political party representatives. They also met EU officials in Northern Ireland as well as students.

WTO public forum logo for 2022 year

A delegation from the European Parliament, drawn from the International Trade Committee (INTA), will participate in this year's Public Forum of the World Trade Organisation (WTO)

Mission to Ethiopia and Sudan

A delegation of AFET Members traveled to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and Khartoum in Sudan from 20 to 22 September. The main purpose of the mission was to follow-up on the EU-African Union Summit held in February 2022, the Recommendation on the EU’s strategic relationship and partnership with the Horn of Africa (adopted in AFET in July) and to engage further with the African Union.

Flag of Indonesia: red and white

A delegation of four members from the Committee on Development, chaired by Stéphane Bijoux, was in Indonesia from 20 to 22 September 2022.