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Ministers are holding a series of meetings in parliamentary committees to present the priorities of the Spanish Presidency of the Council.

Civil Liberties Committee MEPs backed proposals which would mean border controls within the free-movement Schengen area can only be reintroduced when absolutely necessary.

In the absence of an agreement in Council on the Crisis Regulation proposal, interinstitutional talks on Eurodac and Screening regulations are put on hold today by the European Parliament.

This week, the latest meeting of the Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group (JPSG) on Europol brings together MEPs, Europol officials and national lawmakers to discuss the police agency’s work.

EU countries must reverse their omission of rape in Council’s position in ongoing negotiations, lead MEPs say in reaction to the State of the European Union speech.

The Civil Liberties and Constitutional Affairs Committees will discuss the EU’s rotating Council Presidency from an institutional and rule of law standpoint.

MEPs wish to see the EU and member states carry out more active and coordinated search and rescue (SAR) operations, with border agency Frontex playing a key role.

MEPs comment on the state of public access to documents in the EU, and propose changes to improve transparency.

Today, the European Parliament voted to approve laws that boost the fight against terrorism by enhancing information sharing between member states.

Parlament prijal svoj mandát na rokovania s Radou o pravidlách boja proti násiliu páchanému na ženách pred prvým kolom rozhovorov, ktoré začnú zajtra.