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Research for PECH Committee-Environmental, social and economic sustainability of European eel management EN

14-02-2019 PE 629.189 PECH
Povzetek : The diversity of detrimental factors impacting the European eel and the number of involved stakeholders pose a challenge for an effective stock management. Knowledge on the economic consequences of single management measures is required to better assess their implications for the involved sectors. This study summarizes the current knowledge on threats and provides economic data from hydropower generation, fisheries and aquaculture impacting the European eel in order to evaluate management measures and estimate their repercussions for stakeholders.
Avtorji : Thünen Institute of Fisheries Ecology: Reinhold HANEL, Lasse MAROHN, Klaus WYSUJACK, Marko FREESE, Jan-Dag POHLMANN, Nicholas WAIDMANN Thünen Institute of Sea Fisheries: Ralf DÖRING Profundo: Ward WARMERDAM, Melina van SCHARRENBURG, Jeroen WALSTRA, Mara WERKMAN, Joeri de WILDE, Anya MARCELIS EPTB Vilaine: Cédric BRIAND AZTI-Tecnalia: Estibaliz DIAZ, Margarita ANDRÉS, Fisheries Research Institute of the Hellenic Agricultural Organization: Argyrios SAPOUNIDIS Design of cover artwork: Pieter Frank de Jong

Research for PECH Committee - Implementation and impact of key European Maritime and Fisheries Fund measures (EMFF) on the Common Fisheries Policy, and the post-2020 EMFF proposal EN

15-01-2019 PE 629.187 PECH
Povzetek : This Report is a research on the current performance of the shared management component of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) and its impact on the Common Fisheries Policy. Based on quantitative data collection as well as on interviews with Managing Authorities of Member States and stakeholders, the Report also analyses the legislative proposal for the post-2020 EMFF and seeks to support the Members of the PECH Committee of the EU Parliament in their consideration.
Avtorji : CETMAR, Spain: Marta Ballesteros, Rosa Chapela, Jose L. Santiago, Mariola Norte-Navarro - COGEA, Italy: Anna Kęsicka, Alessandro Pititto, Ugo Abbagnano, Giuseppe Scordella

Research for PECH Committee - Fisheries in Vietnam EN

30-11-2018 PE 629.175 PECH
Povzetek : Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia on the eastern Indochina Peninsula, with a population just over 93.6 million, it is the eighth-most-populous Asian country. There are four main fishing areas in Vietnam: the Gulf of Tonkin, shared with China; the Central area; the South-eastern area; and the South-western area (part of the Gulf of Thailand), shared with Cambodia and Thailand. According to the 2016 report of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), Vietnam is the third largest seafood exporter worldwide after China and Norway before Thailand and India.
Avtorji : Priit OJAMAA

Research for PECH Committee - Discard ban, landing obligation and MSY in the Western Mediterranean Sea - the Italian case EN

13-11-2018 PE 629.178 PECH
Povzetek : This report presents the status of the fishery modelling in the Ligurian, Tyrrhenian and Sardinia seas (geographical sub-areas GFCM classification: GSA9, 10 and 11-). Using both a qualitative and quantitative approach, we present an overview of likely effects of the maximum sustainable yield and the landing obligation on the fleets exploiting the demersal fisheries in this ecosystem.
Avtorji : dr. Maria Teresa Spedicato, Dr. Isabella Bitetto, Dr. Giuseppe Lembo, Paolo SARTOR, Paolo ACCADIA

Research for PECH Committee - Discard ban, Landing Obligation and MSY in the Western Mediterranean Sea - the Spanish Case EN

13-11-2018 PE 629.179 PECH
Povzetek : The demersal fisheries in the Mediterranean Sea are heavily overfished but the landing obligation will not help to reach MSY because it will not decrease fishing mortality. The new proposal of the Commission introduces total allowable effort as a new way to regulate Western Mediterranean demersal fisheries by significantly reducing fishing time. However, this new management measure must be complemented with increased gear selectivity, implementation of closed areas and local co-management plans.Different approaches to reduce fishing mortality may have different socio-economic impact.
Avtorji : Jose Luis Sánchez Lizaso, Ivan Sola, Francisco González Carrión; Jose María Bellido, Elena Guijarro García, Ramón Franquesa

Research for PECH Committee - Fisheries in Ireland EN

14-09-2018 PE 617.493 PECH
Povzetek : This overview of the fisheries sector in the Republic of Ireland (henceforth: Ireland) provides information for the delegation of the PECH committee to the country (Cork, 17-19 September 2018).

Policy Departments' Monthly Highlights - September 2018 EN

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Povzetek : The Monthly Highlights publication provides an overview, at a glance, of the on-going work of the policy departments, including a selection of the latest and forthcoming publications, and a list of future events.

Research for PECH Committee - Training of Fishers EN

03-07-2018 PE 617.484 PECH
Povzetek : Unlike the maritime transport sector, there is no single EU standard for the training and certification of fishers relating to health and safety on board. Member State safety training and certification requirements for fishers are complicated and vary significantly between Member States. This complexity is an obstacle to the free movement of fishers and it makes it harder to comply with statutory training and certification requirements. It may be contributing to illegal labour, and worker exploitation in the fishing sector.
Avtorji : Blomeyer & Sanz: Roderick Ackermann, Nicolò Franceschelli, Marga Sanz, George Maridis, Veronika Kubenova, Elsa Pereau ProSea: Bopp van Dessel, Tim Haasnoot Secoterg, France: Yvon Le Roy FishFix: Lisa Borges

Research for PECH Committee - Åland Islands EN

15-05-2018 PE 617.480 PECH
Povzetek : The Åland Islands is an autonomous, demilitarised, Swedish-speaking region of Finland. The archipelago has its own government and parliament. The Åland Islands is a small society with an open economy that is dependent on trade with its neighbouring regions, notably Southern Finland and the Stockholm region. In 2017 the Åland Islands had 6 aquaculture facilities operating. The number of employed persons in the aquaculture sector was 95 people in that same year. The number of employed persons in the fishing sector in the Åland Islands amounted to 88 persons in 2016.

Research for the PECH Committee - Fisheries in Andalusia - Atlantic region EN

16-04-2018 PE 617.467 PECH
Povzetek : Information note for the delegation of the European Parliament's Committee on Fisheries to Andalusia, Atlantic region, 7 to 9 May 2018. A comprehensive outline of the Andalusian fisheries sector in the Atlantic region, from the catching sector to consumption, taking into account the sustainability of resources in the ecosystem, the economy and the social dimension.