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Following the resignation of Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has reshuffled her team. MEPs held two extraordinary hearings for the posts of Trade and Finance. Mairead McGuinness, who served as Parliament's first vice-president was questioned by the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee for the finance portfolio. Parliament will have the final say on her appointment.
01-12-2021 - 08:43 ECON

The Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs will hold a structured dialogue with Commissioner McGuinness, on 1 December. Topics for debate include the completion of the Banking Union, the review of crisis management and deposit insurance legislation, payments and digital finance, following the recent Commission new proposals in the areas of Sustainable Finance, Anti-Money Laundering, Insurance Regulation, and on the Capital Markets Union.

Ethiopia Pin on the map
01-12-2021 - 08:43 AFET DEVE

The Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Committee on Development will jointly debate the situation in Ethiopia and the latest developments related to the internal conflict, the humanitarian crisis, and its impact on the whole region, on 1 December. The Committees will also discuss with the EEAS and the Commission which foreign policy tools the EU can use to enforce adherence to international and human rights law and help end the conflict.

Different mobile phone charger plugs.
01-12-2021 - 08:43 IMCO

The Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection will hold a debate with the European Commission on the proposal concerning a common charger for mobile phones and other electronic devices amending the Radio Equipment Directive, on 1 December. New rules apply to mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, headphones, headsets, handheld video games consoles, and portable speakers. The proposal also implies unbundling of devices and chargers.

Brussels, Belgium, 28 May 2018.European Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans gives a press conference on Single use plastics proposal .
01-12-2021 - 08:42 TRAN

The Committee on Transport and Tourism will debate with Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission, on the ‘Fit for 55’ package, on 1 December. The package aims to implement the Union’s goals of moving towards a sustainable society. The Committee will also hold a public hearing on the “Naiades III – Strategic Tools for Sustainable Inland Waterways Transport within the EU”, which will examine the major elements of the new programme and its implications for the sector.

Couple planning holiday trip with map on table
01-12-2021 - 08:42 TRAN

The Committee on Transport and Tourism will discuss the available EU funding for the tourism sector within the ‘Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027’ and ‘Next Generation EU’, on 02 December. The invited speakers from the European Commission, the European Investment Bank, and other stakeholders will present the Committee a variety of programmes available for different entities working in the tourism sector. They will also give an overview on the need, accessibility and use of EU funds.

Maroš Šefčovič taking the floor during the EP Session October 2020
01-12-2021 - 08:42 PETI

The Committee on Petitions will hold a debate with Maroš Šefčovič, the Commissioner for Interinstitutional Relations and Foresight, on 2 December. The Committee debate is part of the regular structured dialogue on the Commission Work Programme 2022 and the cooperation between the European Commission and PETI on improving relations in handling the petitions.

Cow jumping from a truck
01-12-2021 - 08:40 ANIT

The Committee of Inquiry on Protection of Animals will discuss the outcome of negotiations, on 1 December. They will vote on the draft report and the draft recommendation on the protection of animals during transport within and outside the Union, on 2 December. 1233 amendments have been tabled and many compromises have been reached.

Coloured dots in green, pink, yellow, red and blue in a round shape, representing the five chapters of the Fact Sheets on the European Union.
01-12-2021 - 08:40

The Fact Sheets on the EU provide an overview of European integration and of Parliament's contribution to that process. They present a brief overview of the EU's institutions and policies, and of Parliament's role in their development. Available in 24 languages, they cover five main areas: how the EU works; economy, science and quality of life; cohesion, growth and jobs; fundamental rights, security and justice; and the EU's external relations. The online version is updated regularly.

An image with various illustrations of office supplies, e.g. pen, computer, envelope.
01-12-2021 - 08:40

Studies, in-depth analyses and briefings produced by Parliament's policy departments and the Economic Governance Support Unit are available online in the dedicated section for Supporting Analyses. Apart from searching specific publications, a selection of papers and upcoming events can be found under "Highlights". A monthly overview of the work of policy departments is given in "Periodicals", with key studies on thematic issues.

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