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25-05-2023 - 11:34

The next ITRE Committee meetings will take place on:

Monday 12 June, 19.00-21.00

Strasbourg, room Winston Churchill (200)


Wednesday 28 June, 9.00-12.30, 14.30-18.30 and Thursday 29 June, 9.00-12.30

Brussels, room József Antall (4Q2)

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Net Zero Industry Act hearing.jpeg
24-05-2023 - 18:01

On the 23rd of May, the ITRE Committee organised a public hearing on the Net Zero Industry Act, which aimed to scale up manufacturing of clean technologies in the EU and make sure the Union is well-equipped for the clean-energy transition. The hearing allowed Members to gather valuable input for their work on this legislative proposal.

Critical Raw Materials hearing .jpeg
24-05-2023 - 18:01

On the 22nd of May, the ITRE Committee organised a public hearing on the Critical Raw Materials Act, focussing on the actions proposed by the Commission to ensure the EU's access to a secure, diversified, affordable and sustainable supply of these critical items. Members had the opportunity to exchange views with affected stakeholders and experts in the field.

Energy Community Plenum
23-05-2023 - 19:40

The aim of the Energy Community Parliamentary Plenum which took place on the 23rd of May, was to bring together Members of the European Parliament and the Parliaments of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia and Ukraine, in order to solidify a parliamentary, dimension in the Energy Community process.

Commissioner Hahn
21-05-2023 - 10:37

During the Committee meeting on 25 April, Commissioner Hahn presented the Commission's proposal for a regulation laying down measures for a high level of public sector interoperability across the Union (Interoperable Europe Act).

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