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Reconstruction of Ukraine
04-10-2023 - 17:39 BUDG AFET

The Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Committee on Budgets will jointly vote on their report on Establishing the Ukraine Facility on 5 October. The report endorses a substantial assistance package, while strengthening democratic accountability of the Facility, and encourages multiparty democracy in Ukraine and the alignment of Ukraine with the requirements for the EU accession.

EU flags waving in front of European Parliament building in Brussels
04-10-2023 - 17:39 CONT

The Committee on Budgetary Control will receive the European Court of Auditors (ECA) President Tony Murphy on 5 October. Mr Murphy will present the main conclusions of ECA annual report on the implementation of the EU budget concerning financial year 2022. The CONT Committee will also hold a discharge hearing with the EU Commissioner responsible for Budget and Administration Johannes Hahn, who will present the Commission's integrated financial and accountability reporting package for 2022.

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04-10-2023 - 17:39 FEMM LIBE

The Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality jointly with the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs will vote on a report on "Preventing and combating trafficking in human beings and protecting its victims" on 5 October. Committees call for improvements to the proposal in relation to financial compensation for victims, guarantees of their immunity, fight against online crime, penalties for convicted legal persons, training for professionals, and data collection.

Coloured dots in green, pink, yellow, red and blue in a round shape, representing the five chapters of the Fact Sheets on the European Union.
04-10-2023 - 17:38

The Fact Sheets on the EU provide an overview of European integration and of Parliament's contribution to that process. They present a brief summary of the EU's institutions and policies, and of Parliament's role in their development. Available in 24 languages, they cover five main areas: how the EU works; economy, science and quality of life; cohesion, growth and jobs; fundamental rights, security and justice; and the EU's external relations. The online version is updated regularly.

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04-10-2023 - 17:38

Studies, in-depth analyses and briefings produced by Parliament's policy departments and the Economic Governance and EMU Scrutiny Unit are available online in the dedicated section for Supporting Analyses. Apart from searching specific publications, a selection of papers and upcoming events can be found under "Highlights". A monthly overview of the work of policy departments is published in "Periodicals", with key studies on thematic issues.

Committee meeting
04-10-2023 - 17:38

Parliament's committees deal with EU legislative proposals by adopting reports, which then are referred to plenary for voting by all Members, and appoint negotiation teams to conduct talks with Council. They adopt non-legislative reports, organise hearings with experts and scrutinise other EU bodies and institutions. Parliament can set up sub-committees and special committees to deal with specific issues. Each committee elects a chair and up to four vice-chairs for a two and a half year mandate.

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