Interpretation for Conferences 

The European Parliament's interpreting service can provide financial assistance in the form of grants for actions related to conference interpreter training. The aim of the grants programme is to help educate new generations of qualified conference interpreters in order to address existing shortages for some languages, to prepare for the future accession of candidate countries, and to maintain a high standard of interpreting in the European Union's official languages and the languages of its main political partners.

The Directorate-General for Logistics and Interpretation for Conferences of the European Parliament has adopted the Work Programme on financial support for training in conference interpreting. The work programme covers the academic year 2021-2022.

The call for proposals for the organisation of postgraduate courses and projects aimed at supporting interpreter training is now open. The deadline for the submission of applications is 17 May 2021 as per dispatch mark.

Before completing the application form, applicants are advised to read carefully the call for proposals and the accompanying documents.

Applicants are invited to provide an electronic copy of their application by sending a scanned copy of the application form and the staff cost calculation by email to

This would facilitate the further processing of your proposal and allow us to know from whom we can expect to receive a delivery via postal services (that might experience delays at the pandemic situation). Please submit CVs only via the delivery by postal services.

Submitting a courtesy copy by email is completely voluntary. Only the signed paper application will be considered as the authentic application and shall prevail over the electronic copy sent by email.