Audit reports and donations 

You will find here the audit reports including the financial statements as well as the donations of the parties and foundations, as submitted annually to the European Parliament by the parties and foundations.

The funding amounts, as shown in these reports, cannot be considered as final in all cases. They might differ from the ones actually awarded and paid by the European Parliament because the audit report is issued before the decision on final funding amount is approved by the Parliament.

Please also note that as from 2018 funding, the transparency requirements change pursuant to Article 32 of the Regulation (EU, Euratom) No 1141/2014. Most of these requirements are applicable only after the control of annual reports in 2019.

Publication by the European Parliament pursuant to Article 32(2) (concerns funding from 2018 onwards): the list of legal persons who are members of a European political party, as annexed to the party statutes in accordance with Article 4(2) and updated in accordance with Article 9(6), as well as the total number of individual members.