Presentation and competencies

Meetings between the European Parliament and the National People's Congress of China have taken place since 1980. Since 2007 these interparliamentary meetings (IPMs) have occurred twice yearly in China and the EU. In Europe they involve formal meetings in Brussels or Strasbourg and a visit to another country of the European Union. In China the IPM takes place in Beijing after which the delegation visits one of the regions of the country.
The members in the IPMs examine the wide range of political and economic issues that impact on the EU-Chinese relationship. The current legal basis of the relationship is the 1985 EC-China Trade and Cooperation Agreement. Negotiations are currently under way on a Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) which will update this agreement and provide a formal structure to the strategic relationship between the two sides. It is anticipated that the PCA will formalise the interparliamentary relationship between the two sides.