Welcome message from the Chair

In my capacity as elected Chair of the European Parliament's Delegation to the EU-Mexico Joint Parliamentary Committee (D-MX), I have the honour of chairing its meetings held in Brussels or Strasbourg. Alongside the Chair of the Mexican Congress Delegation, Senator Rabindranath Salazar, I also co-chair the biannual meetings of the EU-Mexico Joint Parliamentary Committee (EU-Mexico JPC) held alternately in Europe and Mexico.

Mexico is a member of the G-20, it is the second largest economy in Latin America and it is a very important strategic partner for the European Union, sharing the same cultural and ethical values and upholding similar positions to those of the EU in the major multilateral fora. Protecting human rights is a priority issue in the delegation's work.

The core activity of D-MX during the current EP term (2014-2019), together with its Mexican counterparts, will be to make a significant contribution to the modernisation of the EU-Mexico Association Agreement, or rather the Global Agreement, which has been in force since 2000 and has enabled the creation of a free-trade area with over 600 million European and Mexican consumers. This modernisation has now become more necessary than ever in the face of the protectionist threats hanging over world trade.

Teresa Jiménez-Becerril

Chair of the EP Delegation to the European Union-Mexico Joint Parliamentary Committee