Statement of 28 November 2018 on the 5th anniversary of the Euromaidan revolution

It is our duty to fight against false narratives related to Maidan, say MEPs

Statement by leading MEPs on EU-Ukraine relations following the high-level meeting to commemorate the five years that have passed since the Euromaidan revolution in 2013-2014 on Tuesday.

"Five years ago, young Ukrainians started on the central square of Kyiv what was to become the Revolution of Dignity. They were protesting against tyranny and calling for a free, democratic, independent and European Ukraine. They could not accept the abrupt decision of former President Yanukovych to turn Ukraine away from the European Union and were asking for a deep political transformation.[...]

Statement of 26 November 2018 on escalating tensions in the Sea of Azov

Leading MEPs concerned by growing tensions in the Sea of Azov

"We are profoundly concerned by tensions escalating in the Azov Sea on 25 November, which resulted in an incident between Russian and Ukrainian naval forces, leading to the Russian authorities closing the Kerch strait to traffic and to seizures of Ukrainian vessels, as well as hostilities.[...]

Statement of 25 October 2018 on this year's Sakharov Prize

AFET, D-UA and Euronest Joint statement:

Following the European Parliament's decision to award this year's Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought to Oleg Sentsov, Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs David McALLISTER, Chair of delegation to the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Association Committee Dariusz ROSATI, Chair of the Delegation to the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly Rebecca HARMS and AFET rapporteur on Ukraine Michael GAHLER, stated:

We warmly welcome the decision of the European Parliament to award this year's Sakharov Prize to Oleg Sentsov.

Through his determination to remain a free man despite an unlawful process and inhumane conditions of imprisonment, Oleg Sentsov is an incarnation of freedom of thoughts and a symbol of the struggle against Russian oppression. [...]

Statement of 20 September 2018 following MEPs visit to Ukraine on 17-20 September

Ukraine: MEPs and MPs determined to bring Kyiv closer to the EU

Following MEPs visit to Ukraine on 17-20 September on the occasion of the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Association Committee meeting, the Chair of the delegation Dariusz Rosati stated:

"We held the 8th meeting of our joint committee with the Verkhovna Rada in Western Ukraine - Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and the Carpathian region, and focused on the issues which are of particular importance for the people living in these areas: regional economic development, including with the help of the EU through cross-border cooperation projects with EU countries, minorities, decentralisation.[...]

Statement of 13 June 2018 on a new macro-financial assistance

D-UA, INTA and AFET Joint statement:

Following the European Parliament's vote in favour of a new macro-financial assistance programme for Ukraine, Chair of delegation to the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Association Committee, Dariusz Rosati, INTA rapporteur on Ukraine Jaroslaw Walesa and AFET rapporteur on Ukraine Michael Gahler, stated:

Today's vote of the Parliament in favour of further macro-financial assistance to Ukraine, amounting to up to 1 billion euro, is not only an illustration of our solidarity with our neighbour Ukraine but also a strong recognition of the important reform efforts undertaken in this country since 2014. [...]

Statement of 22 March 2018 on fight against corruption

D-UA/Euronest and AFET Joint statement:

MEPs urge Ukraine to maintain anti-corruption focus and to avoid any pitfalls.

The EP's Delegation to the EU-Ukraine PAC in cooperation with the European Commission hosted a stock-taking event on the anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine on Thursday.

Together with Commissioner Hahn, representatives of the Ukrainian authorities and heads of anti-corruption agencies, academic experts and civil society organisations MEPs debated the achievements and challenges to fight corruption in Ukraine. Following the event MEPs Dariusz Rosati (EPP, PL), Rebecca Harms (Greens, DE) and Michael Gahler (EPP, DE) stated: "Today's event demonstrates the joint commitment of EU institutions to maintain a strong focus on a successful fight against corruption in Ukraine. Organising such a discussion does not mean that we want to dwell on negative developments only, when dealing with Ukraine - quite the contrary. Our exchange of views has shown that there is good reason for hope, as corruption is being combatted not only through the setting up of relevant institutions, but also through an impressive range of sectoral actions which decisively contribute to closing the space for corruption in many areas.

Statement of 7 March 2018 on Gazprom decision

AFET/D-UA Joint statement:

In light of Gazprom recent announcements, Foreign Affairs Committee Chair, David McAllister, Chair of delegation to the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Association Committee, Dariusz Rosati, and EP rapporteur on Ukraine, Michael Gahler, stated:

We are deeply concerned about the decision taken by Gazprom on 1st March 2018 to stop supplying pre-paid gas to Ukraine, as well as about the following announcement of Gazprom's withdrawal from the contract with Naftogaz. This is yet another proof of the instrumentalisation of gas supplies as a political tool of pressure by the Russian Federation, which might also impact the EU's energy security.

Statement of 28 February 2018 on EU-Ukraine relations and cooperation

Statement by Mr ROSATI, Chairman:

The EP's delegation to the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Association Committee and Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels hosted the 3d edition of the "UkraineLab", think tanks' exchange platform, on Tuesday.

MEPs, experts and a large panel of officials and representatives of non-governmental organisations from the EU, Ukraine, US and Canada discussed the avenues for further cooperation.

Statement of 12 Dec. 2017 following the EU-Ukraine Association Council held on 8 Dec.

Ukraine: key MEPs concerned by attacks against the anti-corruption agencies

Following the EU-Ukraine Association Council held on 8 December, Dariusz Rosati (EPP, PL), Michael Gahler (EPP, DE) and Rebecca Harms (Greens, DE), key MEPs working on Ukraine, stated:

"The EU-Ukraine Association Council of 8 December 2017 took place at the end of a successful year for EU-Ukraine relations, starting with the entry into force of the visa-free regime and the full application of the Association Agreement.

We welcome the fact that the Association Council discussed ways ahead for the bilateral relations, including Ukraine's proposal for preparation of steps towards its further integration with the EU Energy Union and Digital Single Market, and for a Customs Union, as well as the strengthening of cooperation in fields such as security and energy.[...]

Statement of 12 October 2017 on human rights in Ukraine

DROI Chair Panzeri and Delegation Chair Rosati: Guarantee accountability for human rights violations

On 12 October 2017, the Subcommittee on Human Rights (DROI) in association with the delegation to the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Association Committee held an exchange of views with a delegation of the Committee on Human Rights, National Minorities and Interethnic relations of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, led by its chair MP Hryhoriy Nemyria, with the participation of Ms Valeriya Lutkovska, Parliamentary Commissioner for Human Rights, of representatives of civil society organisations and European institutions.

Following the meeting, DROI Chair MEP Panzeri and Delegation Chair MEP Rosati issued a joint statement.

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