Inter-parliamentary meetings

12th EU-Iceland JPC, 18 September 2018, Reykjavik

The EU-Iceland Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) met in Reykjavik (Iceland) on 18 September.

The 12th JPC meeting took place in an interesting global context. As other EEA countries, Iceland is tightly interwoven with the EU, mainly through its participation in the Internal Market but it also enjoys close cooperation with the EU in a number of other areas. Therefore, it is also indirectly affected by the many challenges that the EU is currently facing.

The Members of the JPC discussed a wide range of issues, including:

  • state of play of EU-Iceland relations,
  • lessons from Iceland's pioneering gender equality policies,
  • foreign and trade policy cooperation,
  • challenges for Iceland in view of the possible UK withdrawal from the EU.

11th EU-Iceland JPC, 23 March 2017, Brussels

EU-Iceland JPC meeting, the Co-Chairs
11th EU-Iceland JPC meeting, Brussels, 23 March 2017 © European Union 2017
11th EU-Iceland JPC meeting
11th EU-Iceland JPC meeting, Brussels, 23 March 2017 © European Union 2017
The 11th EU-Iceland Joint Parliamentary Committee meeting took place in Brussels on 23 March 2017. The meeting was co-chaired by Mr Jasenko Selimovic, Vice-Chair of DEEA, and Ms Hanna Katrín Friðriksson, Chair of Althingi delegation.

Relations between the EU and Iceland were discussed in the presence of:

- H.E. Ambassador Bergdís Ellertsdóttir, Head of Mission of Iceland to the EU
- Mr Rylan Patissier, Maltese Presidency of the Council of the EU
- Mr Claude Maerten, Head of West Europe Division, European External Action Service (EEAS)

Other agenda points were:
  • Financial and economic developments in Iceland and the EU
  • Fisheries cooperation
  • The Single Market: future challenges
  • EU restrictive measures against Russia
  • Foreign policy dialogue: The Trans-Atlantic relationship
  • Foreign policy dialogue: Trade relations with third countries